PEOPLE ON THE MARKET: Simone Schianchi from Nolo Servizi 2000

In this issue, we’ve interviewed Mr Simone Schianchi, from the Italian rental company Nolo Servizi 2000 based in Modena.

1. What is your main activity?
We deal with rental of aerial work platforms, telehandlers, forklifts, construction equipment and trucks.

2. When did you start?
Nolo Servizi 2000 started in 2000.

3. How did your company evolve in these last years?
Our company started with the rental of aerial work platforms, still the most developed branch today, then over the years we have tried to expand the range trying to meet all the needs of our customers, with telehandlers, forklifts, construction equipment and B license trucks. We work with long-term projects, always with great service and offering the best brands on the market.

4. Where do you work?
We work mainly in the province of Modena, where we have our headquarters and our rental points, but we get easily across the whole Emilia Romagna.

5. What is your policy regarding your competitors? Do you present to the market an image of company that understands the nature of the competition and that is proactive?
We try to let people understand that the price is not the first aim, but the service is more important, and it is precisely with the service that we can increase the value of our work.

6. How has the market evolved recently?
In recent times we see an extremely fast market. Each request must be developed in a short time, so it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up, but for companies like ours it remains the main mission. Talking about market trends, I see an increase of security and construction sites, but unfortunately not strong enough.

7. How is the assistance service provided for your customers?
I think customer service is the centerpiece of rental. As I always say “to buy machines is easy, the difference is in how you make service” so we’ve organized well our internal workshop with technicians and mobile workshops, and have started several collaborations with the main workshops of the area to always get in solve in quick times any kind of problem. When we cannot give assistance, we provide to the replacement of the machine to avoid inconvenience to the customer.

8. How big is your fleet?
Currently we have a fleet of about 280 machines.

9. What type of machine do you own?
Aerial work platforms, telehandlers, elevators, trucks, earth moving equipments.

10. What is your “recipe for success” – what values are important in your daily work?
We always try to “put ourselves in our customers shoes”, to undestand all the needs with the aim to find the best solution.

11. How many CTE platforms do you own?
We own about 30 CTE truck-mounted platform, 5 spiderlifts and 150 Genie self-propelled.

12. What do your customers like in CTE platforms?
The main feature that drives us the purchase CTE aerial platforms is simplicity and reliability over time.

13. What characteristics make CTE platforms winners?
I believe that the CTE platforms are a good consolidated product in all the areas.

14. What do your customers want in a platform? What is driving their choice, today?
Our customers, I guess like those of all nowadays, are seeking the cheap machine, quick and easy. It will seem like science fiction but now all the customers claim high requests, especially in times like these, when they acquire works to be carried out quickly and at low prices.


15. Hirer is your job, but what are your hobbies?
My biggest passion is cars but I have always liked very well the machines that deal in the rental, so I work with great passion.

16. Can you match hobbies and work?
Since I was a little boy, I have always been fascinated by these types of machines, so I immediately worked with great passion and trying to choose excellent machines, as if I were to use them myself.