IN THE SPOTLIGHT: S3 Smart Stability System

Working at height safely with an aerial platform that adapts in real time to the conditions of use, basket load and geometry, automatically.
This is S3, Smart Stability System, the system allows the user of to taking advantage of the full potential of each type of platform, irrespective of the vehicle characteristics on which it is mounted or the geometry of its superstructure.
By constantly monitoring the position of the stabilizers and each single part of the machine and taking into account basket load, the S3 system allows the user to reach iso-ratio safety conditions at every single point of the working envelope.
S3, Smart Stability System, has been studied for truck-mounted aerial platforms CTE ZED (articulated) and CTE B-LIFT (telescopic): at the moment is available on CTE ZED 21.2 JHV model and soon on other models of both families.
This evolution in the stabilization system has been realized together with the revolution of the electrical and hydraulic systems with the introduction of a CAN BUS management system and a new hydraulic management system for CTE ZED and CTE B-LIFT platforms. This new system gives the operator more flexibility in the operation of the new all electronic machines, with fully proportional electro-hydraulic controls, variable engine speed depending on the used manoeuvres, smooth manoeuvres with acceleration and deceleration ramp, and an electric PTO.

In addition there is an innovative remote ground control console housed in a waterproof specific compartment on the platform decking. To assist with the management of service and maintenance , it was the aim of CTE to unify the hydraulic, electrical and electronic components of the CTE ZED and CTE B-LIFT truck-mounted access platforms to facilitate understanding, use and care, also the use of diagnostic tools to aid fault finding and overall to offer a unique brand experience to the customer and user.