RENTAL TIPS: No banners on scissors, says IPAF

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is urging organisers and exhibitors at county/state fairs and local festivals not to attach banners to scissor lifts, as this could create a “sail board” effect which could destabilise the lift and cause it to turn over.

Scissor lifts are a safe way to perform temporary work at height when used properly by trained personnel. However, they are not designed to hold banners or advertisement boards. Some scissor lifts are designed for indoor use only at zero wind speed. Those designed for outdoor use may be at risk of being blown over in an elevated position when the maximum safe wind speed is exceeded.

“Scissors lifts are safe, but improper use of this equipment can make them very dangerous,” said Andy Studdert, IPAF president, and chairman & CEO of NES Rentals. “Don’t put your visitors at risk – a machine with a banner attached to it could get blown over even in modest winds. Aerial lifts are not toys for joy rides or hanging banners and displays.”

IPAF is there to help managers and operators learn how to use this equipment correctly. More details about IPAF’s safety initiatives, technical guidance and training programmes are at and