IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Ecological needs, aerial platforms with batteries

Whether truck or track mounted, the battery-powered aerial platform is the ideal solution for work in indoor spaces, or where pollution from engines or noise is not allowed.

As far as truck-mounted platforms with batteries is concerned, CTE B-LIFT 17E is an extremely versatile model: 16.6m of working height, 11.3 m of outreach, 250 kg of capacity, more than 500Ah battery that guarantees 1,5 hours of continuous work and once exhausted, it recharges with PTO or with electric power. Working with battery power has never been so easy!

If the need is focused on compact aerial platforms, the choice will be for self-propelled track mounted platforms with batteries, or well known “spiderlifts”, CTE TRACCESS 170E and CTE TRACCESS 230E: 48v electrical motors, lithium batteries 100 Ah or 300 Ah that offer respectively an autonomy up to2,5 or 5 working hours, compact dimensions to pass through standard doors.
CTE TRACCESS 170E reaches 17m of working height, 7.5m of outreach and 200 kg of capacity; CTE TRACCESS 230E reaches 23m of working height, 12m of outreach 200 kg of capacity.

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Furthermore, CTE B-LIFT 17E has been awarded by SAIE INNOVATION – TOWARD ZERO IMPACT at SAIE Exhibition 2016. More info: