At the outdoor area CTE put on display some truck-mounted and self-propelled platforms

CTE renews its presence at the next SAIE 2016 edition (October, 19th-22nd) in Bologna at the outdoor area 48 – stand B11, and put on display some CTE ZED truck-mounted platform (CTE ZED 20.2 EASY e CTE ZED 21.2 JHV) and some Genie self-propelled platforms (Z33/18 and Z62/40, and scissor GS 3246).
• ZED 20.2 EASY (only for the Italian market), the aerial platform ideal for rental fleets, with intuitive electro-hydraulic fully proportional controls, with or without load cell, in accordance with EN 280:2013. Reaches 20 m of working height, 9 m of outreach, and up to 300 kg of capacity (200 kg without load cell and aluminum basket – 250 kg with load cell and Fiberglass basket). This new model is derived from the well known ZED 20.2, with fully electro-hydraulic proportional controls and the same superstructure made of innovative 2 mm SSAB Strenx steel with significant weight GVW saving. The difference between the ZED 20.2 models are for the following features: tighter A+A stabilization, 2.100 mm of width in transit position and ±310° turret rotation. It also features a magnetic sensor for the arm support, a new display in the truck cab and new signaling led for stabilizers in ground controls. In this way, this model is already in accordance with EN 280:2013 and certificated.
• CTE ZED 21.2 JHV: world premiere at last Bauma2016 exhibition, this new articulated truck-mounted platform shows the new stabilization system named S3 (Smart Stability System), studied for articulated CTE ZED and telescopic CTE B-LIFT platforms. A system that adapts in real time to the conditions of use, basket load and geometry, automatically, and allows the user of to taking advantage of the full potential of each type of platform, irrespective of the vehicle characteristics on which it is mounted or the geometry of its superstructure. CTE ZED 21.2 JHV reaches 20,6 m of working height, 9,9 m of outreach and 300 kg of max capacity. Stabilization is H-shape, variable and with S3. The product video https://www.ctelift.com/en/products/zed-21-2-jhv/ shows the new S3 (Smart Stability System), fully proportional controls with ramps, the simultaneous movements, the variable engine speed depending on the number of boom maneuvers, the design of the boom, the aluminum basket with the anti-crunching protection, the compactness of the machine, the versatility of the jib.