IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Christmas is coming: let’s put the Christmas lights on!

The charm of Christmas lights is always irresistible. Suddenly the cities change their appearance and dress of lights, becoming the bright scenery of our Christmas.
But how does this change happen in our cities?
In fact, installation and maintenance of Christmas lights requires a valuable ally: aerial platforms are the ideal tools for working at height in complete safety and optimizing time and costs.
CTE’s truck mounted platforms are suitable to operate in the cities thanks to their versatility and some valuable features, specially designed to facilitate the work at height and make it safer.

H variable STABILIZATION: our ZED models with H stabilisation allow to stabilise the plaftorm overcoming hilly terrain up to 220 mm. They are the optimal solution for working on not perfectly flat ground or along the sidewalks. Thanks to the variable configuration, you can work with stabilizers in shape or extended right / left or fully extended, ideal for working in town centers, along busy roads, aboard the sidewalk.

JIB: ZED 21.2 JHV and ZED 23.2 JH models have the jib, an extension of the boom that allows to overcome obstacles and reach points of difficult access. This is a precious help for installation and maintenance of insignia and light systems near roofs, trusses and subways.

INCREASED CAPACITY IN THE BASKET: ZED models with increased capacity allow you to work at height with a maximum capacity of 300 kg, 2 people + working equipment. This feature is ideal for maintenance operations that need heavy equipment.

ANTI-CRUNCHING PROTECTION FOR OPERATOR HANDS: to avoid hand crushing, the handrail of the CTE aerial platforms’ basket presents a double bar protecting operator and passenger hands during aerial maneuvers.

GROUND CONTROL STATION: thanks to a ground control station, it is possible to maneuver the aerial platform in maximum safety both for the operator on the ground and the operator in the platform. The system provides full visibility of aerial operations in favor of safety and comfort of use.

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