IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Smart stabilisation also on 20 m

The 20 m truck-mounted aerial platforms are the most requested for rent, this is because they really satisfy the needs of the operators that should working at medium heights for common applications. From now, CTE offers the best seller articulated truck-mounted platform CTE ZED 20 m with an important innovation.
The innovative S3 Smart Stability System, world premiere last Bauma, is now available also on the new CTE ZED 20.2 HVS.

FOCUS ON PRODUCT: CTE ZED 20.2 HVS is a truck-mounted articulated platform that reaches 20 m of working height, 8.7 m of outreach and 300 kg of basket capacity. It has the innovative S3 Smart Stability System with H frame stabilizers. A system that adapts in real time to the conditions of use, basket load and geometry, automatically, and allows the user of to taking advantage of the full potential of each type of platform, irrespective of the vehicle characteristics on which it is mounted or the geometry of its superstructure. Thanks to S3, the operator can easily set the machine in various stabiliser configurations: fixed narrow jacking rear outriggers and variable jacking front outriggers (extended, in shape, or extended to left/right) to enable many different work applications.

CTE ZED 20.2 HVS has 2 specific innovations:
• The innovative HOME function feature that allows, through the specific “HOME” button, to safely close the platform from every position of the boom. When the platform is closed, the same button allows to open the platform in the most suitable and safe way to let then start the desired maneuvers;
• the AUTOMATIC STABILISING SYSTEM FROM THE BASKET: the operator could stabilise and level the platform directly from the basket, and also for the closing maneuvers.

This model presents also the revolution applied to the electrical and hydraulic systems with the introduction of a CAN BUS management system and a new hydraulic management system; it has also engine variable speed depending on the used maneuvers, smooth maneuvers with acceleration and deceleration ramps, and a ground control station with 7m cable wired console. To simplify the management of the service, it has been studied a diagnostic tool in common with other CTE platforms (ZED, TRACCESS, B-LIFT). This model is really compact in transport and working position, to easily work in narrow spaces or in city centers.