CTE B-LIFT 17E the truck-mounted aerial platform with battery

When innovation meets the respect for the environment. This is the winning feature of the CTE B-LIFT 17 E, a telescopic truck mounted platform that received the prestigious IAPA AWARD – Product of the Year – Vehicle/trailer-mounted for 2017.
The judges, all personalities in the Access world, appreciated the highly innovative electric battery powered system, which allows great work autonomy and with the compactness of the platform, guarantees its use in confined spaces.
The IAPA Awards 2017 joins the SAIE INNOVATION towards zero impact prize received at Bologna last October. CTE B-LIFT 17 E was rewarded for its low environmental impact features and energy efficiency, in line with the current needs of the building industry.

The battery-powered aerial platform is the ideal solution for working in indoor spaces, or where pollution from engines or noise is not allowed.
CTE B-LIFT 17E is an extremely versatile model: 16.6m of working height, 11.3 m of outreach, 250 kg of capacity, more than 500Ah battery that guarantees 1,5 hours of continuous work and once exhausted, it recharges with PTO (i.e. during the transit on the road or during the use with engine) or with electric power in max 8 hours.
The “E” of the product name is for the ecologic version of the platform.
The platform is made of 2 mm SSAB Strenx steel.

This model presents the revolution applied to the electrical and hydraulic systems with the introduction of a CAN BUS management system and a new hydraulic management system. The user-friendly interfaces of CTE B-LIFT truck-mounted range are the same implemented on the articulated range CTE ZED, with fully proportional electro-hydraulic controls, engine variable speed depending on the used maneuvers, smooth maneuvers with acceleration and deceleration ramps, electric PTO. An innovative remote console is housed in a specific box on the platform flat deck. To simplify the management of the service, it has been studied a diagnostic tool in common with other CTE platforms (ZED, TRACCESS, B-LIFT). CTE’s aim is to unify hydraulic, electrical and electronic components of truck-mounted platforms CTE ZED and CTE B-LIFT to facilitate understanding, use and maintenance, and to offer a unique brand experience to their customers.

More info about the product: https://www.ctelift.com/en/products/b-lift-17-e/
More info about IAPA Awards: http://www.iapa-summit.info/