STRANGE AND INTERESTING APPLICATIONS: CTE ZED 15.2 on pick-up has no obstacles

CTE ZED 15.2 on pick-up reaches 14,7 m of working height, 6,3 m of outreach and 230 kg of capacity (2 operators with working instruments), with reduced stabilization footprint (H+H max 2.755 mm) and total weight 3 tons. These performances make it the best in its class of platforms mounted on pick-up.

Mounted on Isuzu D-MAX 4×4 or on Toyota Hylux 4×4 pick-up, this platform is the perfect ally for the operators which should drive on rough terrain to arrive at the construction site, and is also designed to work in slope.

Its dimensions allow to be compact in travelling position, so it is ideal for narrow streets and confined spaces.
The articulated arm allows to perform all those operations that would not be possible with a straight telescopic arm, so it is possible to overcoming obstacles, to reach difficult points (roofs and truss), to work near the trees.

The applications are many and different from each other, from maintenance at height for power line, to public lighting and lighting systems, pruning, façade cleaning, roof maintenance, restoration and works in historical centres.

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