CTE Sales Workshop 2018 for Italian sales force

In the beautiful location of Cantine Cesari (winery) of Cavaion Veronese (north of Italy), last Friday March 9th was held the “CTE Sales Workshop 2018” dedicated to the Italian sales force. The meeting has been focused on the 2017 sales results and on the 2018 projects, with products demo and new prototype presentation.


All the components of the widespread CTE sales force of the Italian market were present, included all the subsidiaries Elevateur (Naples), Tecnoalt (Rome and Sardinia), Sicel (Sicily) and Nord Est Elevatori (Venice), in addition of all the CTE Customer Care staff.


It has been on display the new models of the truck-mounted range CTE B-LIFT and CTE ZED, specifically CTE B-LIFT 18, CTE B-LIFT 20J, CTE ZED 25, in addition to the well known, recently launched on the market, CTE B-LIFT 27 on Iveco, CTE ZED 21.3 JHV, CTE ZED 23.3 JH and CTE ZED 23.3 JHV mounted on Euro 6.


More details about the new CTE models will be spread in the next weeks.

At the following link you can see our meeting’s video: