CTE European Dealer Meeting

“We believe in the strength of our network because we believe in every person who is a member”.

These words represent the spirit that drives CTE SpA every day and has guided the CTE European Dealer Meeting last April 8th-10th. The meeting’s goal was to share new projects, ideas and solutions for the future.

The first session of the meeting was held at the amazing Museo Nicolis (http://www.museonicolis.com/) in Villafranca (VR), with in-depth analysis of the institutional and product themes, giving space to comparisons and interventions by dealers.
At the end of the meeting, it has been organized a guided tour of the museum in the exciting vintage collections of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, musical instruments and other precious objects. A real journey into the past, observing the means of transport evolution of the last two centuries and innovation represented by the automotive sector. The guided tour was also organized with the aim of showing guests a common thread connecting the world of CTE aerial platforms and their evolution over the last 30 years.

The second part of the meeting has been focused on demo sessions on the last product novelties: the new CTE range of articulated and telescopic truck-mounted platforms, designed ex-novo last January 2017, has been showed at the European sales force, ready to be introduced into the European markets.
Particularly, was officially showed the new model of articulated truck platform CTE ZED 25 HV: 24,6 m of working height, 12 m of outreach, 230 kg of capacity in the basket, stabilization with S3 Smart Stability System (smart control of the boom position, capacity and stabilization, with front stabilizers extendable in infinity positions and rear stabilizers fixed in shape). There were on display also CTE 15.2 on pick-up (winner of Italplatform prize – GIS 2017), CTE MP 32.19 (finalist at Swedish Steel Prize 2018), CTE B-LIFT 18, CTE B-LIFT 20 J, CTE B-LIFT 27, CTE 20.3 H, CTE ZED 23.3 JHV, all mounted on Euro 6 trucks.

During the last day of meeting, it has been organized also a tour in the CTE factory in Rivoli Veronese, to show the renewed production process with the various stages of production.

No doubt, CTE is writing a new page of its history, working hard to bring its Brand where it deserves in Europe.

More information about Museo Nicolis: http://www.museonicolis.com/