Centar Municipality in Sarajevo chooses a CTE ZED 25 HV

Design, performance and attention to safety, together with S3 system: these are the features of the ZED 25 HV that guided the choice.


The distinctive features of CTE ZED 25 HV on Iveco Daily were decisive in the choice of purchase by the Centar Municipality of Sarajevo (Općina Centar Sarajevo) of a machine to be used for the maintenance of the KJKP Park.

CTE ZED 25 HN has a working height of almost 25 m, an outreach of 12 m and a capacity of 250 kg. It is equipped with the S3 Smart Stability System system, which, thanks to constant monitoring of the boom, stabilizers and weight, allows maximum performance in absolute safety for the operator.

The versatility and the ability to operate in confined spaces will ensure that CTE ZED 25 HV can be used within the park for the safety of tall and dangerous trees.

The sale was possible thanks to the collaboration with the Bosnian distributor MEGA SYSTEMS BH d.o.o.