CTE S3 Smart Stability System EVO the new CTE user experience

Starting with the production of October 2020, CTE will introduce to the market S3 EVO an updated version of its S3 or Smart Stability System, the most advance real time stability and performance control system available on the MEWP market.

Available since 2015, S3 or Smart Stability System set a new standard in the working envelope management of MEWP, raising the bar from pre-calculated geometrical, angular limited, working envelopes or moment limiting system.

The S3 calculates in real time the maximum performance allowed depending on the basket load, geometrical configuration and stepless position of the outriggers.

Forward and backward stability, wind influence, dynamic and manual forces are all taken into consideration, providing improved performances and safety.

S3 EVO proposes an evolution of the platform management system, entirely managed in CAN BUS mode to offer greater efficiency, height stability and reliability.

Beside standard operating and safety features, thanks to S3 EVO, new optional and customized functions will be available for the operator, from automatic stabilization to ‘VIRTUAL ROOF’ or the new ZTS (Zero Tail Swing) option, for increased safety on highways. All customized functions, available upon request, will be developed by CTE Special Project Division according to customer needs.

S3 EVO is a system entirely developed by CTE and offers the operator a user experience in full harmony with the CTE Work Becomes Easy philosophy.

Thanks to S3 EVO, the user / machine interface is also renewed with new controls from the ground and in the basket with joysticks and paddles. The new interface is the result of careful listening to the needs of the operators and in-depth ergonomics studies.

New graphics and the diagnostic display have been integrated on the consoles through a LED display, the result of the most advanced technologies in the electronic field.

The LEDs inform the operator in real time about the possible maneuvers allowed and thanks to them, the operator will view any anti-collisions inserted and blocks to maneuvers to achieve maximum stability.

The new control panel in the basket will also provide functional information such as outreach, working height and residual capacity.

Thanks to this technology, each CTE platform can be connected to the cloud and thanks to CTE Connect it will be possible to have optimized fleet management, remote monitoring, settings and assistance interventions.

To recap: CTE Smart Stability System EVO offers numerous advantages for the operator, including:

– greater security provided by the system that monitors all parameters of the machine in real time

– greater simplicity of use given by the position of the commands that allows you to carry out the maneuvers in full comfort

– greater speed thanks to the possibility to carry out more maneuvers simultaneously

CTE, work becomes easy.