The truck-mounted telescopic platform top of the CTE B-LIFT range is improved to offer even more productivity

27 m of working height on a 3.5 t truck: these are the main features of the CTE B-LIFT 27.2, but compared to the previous version, the new one offers a user experience that is way better.

In the following four paragraphs, we will explain the distinctive features of the new CTE B-LIFT 27.2.

Firstly, the subframe has been completely redesigned to be much lighter, optimising the stabilization, making the platform more balanced and safer.

CTE B-LIFT 27.2 is equipped with Smart Stability System – S3EVO: the new electronic control system for the platform, an evolution of the already well known Smart Stability System.

The hydraulic system has been optimised in order to allow quicker and smoother maneuvers, providing both proportional and simultaneous maneuvers.

Finally, the position of the basket controls has been modified in line with a layout that is more favorable ergonomically: the joysticks have been positioned so that angular and vertical maneuvers can be carried out with a comfortable hand position.

Thanks to S3EVO it is also possible to add customised functions so as to set up the platform according to the operator’s needs, consequently increasing productivity. Some of these functions are: automatic stabilisation, ‘VIRTUAL ROOF’ or the new ZTS (Zero Tail Swing), which is ideal for all the maintenance work where the working area is restricted. All the options have been developed by the CTE Special Project Division, according to the customer’s requirements.

The innovative S3 Smart Stability System EVO, the noteworthy working height and the main boom structure make CTE B-LIFT 27.2 the most advanced solution for working at height works when high standard performances, safety and efficiency are required.

This model is ideal for a number of applications, from façade works (such as painting) to public illumination maintenance, from wind power to the installation of advertising signs or building maintenance and renovation.

CTE B-LIFT 27 reaches 27 of working height, 15.5 m of outreach and 250 kg of load capacity. It has a telescopic boom with five elements (main boom + 4 telescopic extensions), the turret rotation is 640°, the rotation of the basket is 90° right + 90° left. Controls are simultaneous and proportional with acceleration and deceleration ramps so that maneuvers can be made smoother.

Stabilisation is managed by S3 Smart Stability System EVO.