CTE and a new strategy for France

The opening of the new branch in Saint-Jean-d’Illac underlines the importance of the French market for CTE

In the history of CTE SpA, the French market has always been a strategic market, full of opportunities and important collaborations. For this reason, CTE SpA is taking important steps to ensure a widespread and quality presence in the area, first of all the opening of the new CTE France SAS branch near Bordeaux in Saint-Jean-d’Illac.

The centrality of the French market for the Italian company is nothing new: in the past, in fact, more precisely in 1992, CTE SpA founded together with some local partners Compagnie Transalpine Elevateurs (later commonly known as C.T.E.), its first branch in France for direct market management. Subsidiary subsequently integrated by the distributor France Elevateur for a better rationalization of commercial and after-sales activities.

The newly formed CTE France SAS, fully controlled by CTE SpA, has been set up with the intention of offering the market – especially to executive customers and large charterers (grand comptes) – a logistic structure capable of reacting immediately to market needs by coordinating with direct personnel the commercial and after-sales activities in the country on the brands ZED, B-LIFT and MP for truck-mounted platforms, and TRACCESS for spiders.

The distribution relationship between CTE SpA and France Elevateur is now transformed into an industrial partnership, where the French manufacturer will market two CTE models in France with its own brand, the same will be done by CTE SpA in Italy with a van model produced by France Elevateur.

At the same time, to ensure widespread coverage of after-sales assistance for a vast market such as the French one, CTE France is shortly defining important collaborations.


Marco Govoni, CTE Sales & Marketing Director and President of CTE France, commented on the important novelty as follows: “We hope that this new strategic setting will bring new life and stimulate growth by bringing the CTE brand back to where it deserves in a market – the French one – essential for the growth of our Group. The branch will be operationally managed by two managers who have all our trust, Jean-Noël Ayral as Sales Manager and Christophe Lalisse for the Customer Care part, to whom we wish him an excellent job as well as welcoming him to the CTE family.”


Jean-Noël Ayral, CTE France Sales Manager, declares: “Delighted to join this project and proud to actively participate in the development in order to further elevate the CTE brand on the French market. Thanks to this organization, CTE will be able to support its customers and their companies even better.”


Christophe Lalisse, CTE France Customer Care Manager, declares: “Joining CTE France with the mission of developing customer service is obvious to me in my professional career. I have been present in this industry since 1989 and my experience now allows me to contribute to the development of CTE France. I welcomed this opportunity with enthusiasm and will therefore put my experience at the disposal of the team to achieve the important objectives that we have set.”


The opening of a branch in France represents a further step for CTE’s international growth and joins the other branches CTE UK (founded in 2002) and CTE North America (founded in 2022).