At GIS Expo 2023 CTE presents the new CTE ZETA 24 J

Designed for the rental industry, with double articulation and jib to offer even more versatility


GIS Expo is undoubtedly among the most followed events in the lifting industry, especially in Italy. And it is precisely during this event that CTE presented a preview of a new model of truck-mounted platform set up on 3.5 tons characterized by a particular configuration of the articulated boom which allows maximum performance to be achieved by exploiting the entire work area, ideal for world of rental.

CTE ZETA 24 J, this is the name of the new model, which adds to the CTE ZETA 22 model presented at Bauma 2022 to give breadth to a range of articulated trucks. The ZETA range takes up the concept of the Z model of the 90s but projects CTE towards the future. The ZETA 22 and ZETA 24 J models therefore represent for CTE the relaunch of the double pantograph to achieve maximum performance while guaranteeing maximum safety for the operator.

CTE ZETA 24 J is a platform that operates entirely with narrow jacking stabilizers configuration, with a double articulation and double telescopic boom with jib to exploit the entire work area and offer the operator great versatility as well as excellent working height and outreach.

Thanks to the double articulation which guarantees almost complete verticality, it is possible to work flush with the wall. The ideal solution for all applications that require this type of operation.

Its main features: 24 m of working height, 12 m of outreach and a basket capacity of 250 kg.

The extension of the telescopic arm allows you to work in negative and also lowering the basket to the ground in a position close to the machine for easier access to the platform.

The presence of the jib, with more than 2 m length, offers an essential up&over capability to reach work areas that are difficult to access.

The attachment of the basket in a frontal position, without any space underneath, makes this model the ideal machine for all maintenance activities, especially green areas, reducing the risk of becoming entangled or damaged due to accidental impacts.

Like the previous model, CTE ZETA 24 J is also equipped with the S3 EVO system as machine management system, through which the operator can control the platform’s performance in real time for greater efficiency, height stability and reliability.

Thanks to this technology, CTE ZETA 24 J can be connected to the cloud and thanks to CTE Connect it will be possible to have optimized fleet management, remote monitoring, settings and assistance interventions.

Thanks to the S3 EVO system in CTE ZETA 24 J, the automatic stabilization functions and the Home function are available for automatic closing in complete safety.

A wired radio control is available on request, with a 7 m cable that replicates the controls of the stations on the ground and in the basket. The length of the cable is such as to allow the operator on the ground complete visibility of the entire work area.

The model launched at GIS Expo 2023 is on Iveco truck, but in the future the set-up on Isuzu will also be available.

CTE ZETA 24 J represents the ideal solution for rental, thanks to its compactness and versatility which are well suited to different types of applications.