CTE and ATG Lift GmbH, the partnership is getting stronger and stronger

ATG Lift also took delivery of a ZED 21.3 JHV at the end of a 2-day technical-sales training


Announced during the Apex 2023 show in Maastricht, the partnership between CTE SpA and ATG Lift GmbH – as a CTE partner in Germany for the truck mounted range and spiderlifts range for sales and after sales services – gets stronger and stronger. In the last days, the ATG Lift GmbH Sales Director and 2 area managers went to the CTE Rivoli Veronese plant for trainings on products and after sales services.


ATG lift represents CTE in the south of Germany for CTE truck-mounted platforms and in the whole German territory for CTE spiderlifts, both for sale and assistance/spare parts.


They were 2 intense days: not only of technical and commercial training, but also an important opportunity to learn about the production processes firsthand.

The 2 days training were important also for the relationship between the people of both companies to experience CTE values and to focus on the processes inside the factory.


After the training sessions, ATG Lift GmbH took delivery of a unit of CTE ZED 21.3 JHV truck mounted platform.


Massimo Franceschi, CTE export area manager in charge for Germany area, states: “I am very satisfied and happy to be able to collaborate with professionals in the sector who will help CTE return to being one of the main players in the German market. ATG Lift has a competent, dynamic and young sales and service team. Components that give a lot of confidence to CTE to return strong and present again in German territory”.

Fabian Kirberg, ATG Lift sales director, adds: “We really enjoyed the two days at CTE and it was important for our sales team to see and understand the product knowledge as well as the technical background and connections.

We would like to popularize CTE in the German market again. This will only work if our sales and service teams are up to date with the latest developments. It’s great that CTE gives us all the opportunities to do this, which makes me personally very happy”.

Gabriel Tamanini, CTE after sales manager, adds: “The CTE after sales dept. is very happy with this collaboration, strengthened from a technical point of view with various technical trainings held in Germany and Italy. We hope that this partnership will be profitable for both parties and that the direct contact between our companies will maintain a high professional level, to provide our customers with an excellent service.”


In the picture, from left: ATG Lift area manager Ulrich Ehnes, ATG Lift Sales Director Fabian Kirberg, CTE export area manager Massimo Franceschi and ATG Lift area manager Jens Jablinski.


More info about ATG LIFT: https://atglift.de/