S3 EVO triumphs at the IAPA Awards 2022

We dedicate this issue of EASY MAGAZINE to S3 EVO, our smart and safe MEWP management system that maintain our aerial platforms always at the maximum level of safety, recently awarded in the Technological Innovation category at the IAPA Awards 2022 in London.

For us at CTE, Innovation and safety are areas that go hand in hand, working side by side in the development of new technologies that are continuously improving for working at height.


We invite you to watch this short video we made to remember the magical evening at the IAPA: https://youtu.be/7PO8SjM-XnY


Born as an evolution of the previous S3 Smart Stability System (launched on the market in 2015), S3 EVO is now the most advanced technology for the real-time performance management system of MEWP, entirely managed in CAN BUS mode to offer greater efficiency, height stability and reliability.


The software that manages the S3 EVO is a project entirely conceived and developed by CTE, designed for the range of CTE ZED, CTE B-LIFT truck mounted platforms and for the CTE TRACCESS * spiders (* currently only available on TRACCESS 270).



With S3 EVO the operator works at height with the certainty of being «safe». Thanks to the graphic display and LEDs, the interface facilitates user-machine communication. In fact, the system continuously monitors the configuration of the platform (position of the boom, capacity in the basket, stabilization) and communicates which maneuvers are allowed in compliance with the position of the boom and the stabilization area, and any information relating to the platform parameters.

The new CTE S3 EVO system offers numerous advantages for the operator in terms of:

  • Safety: the display on the control station allows you to always have the platform parameters under control during the work phases. The system will block any unauthorized maneuvers (outreach beyond the stability area of the machine or excessive capacity in the basket) based on the configuration of the machine (stabilization, weight in the basket).
  • Productivity: the LEDs on show the maneuvers permitted based on the position of the boom, the weight in the basket and the stabilization area immediately recognizable.
  • Ease of use: the position of the joysticks and levers allows you to comfortably perform the desired maneuvers.
  • Optimization of space and performance: it allows the platform to be easily stabilized according to space requirements and then to work at height in total safety, with continuous control by the system to always guarantee the maximum permitted performance.
  • Working areas management: working areas are infinite, and the operator does not have to worry about checking the position of the boom or the stabilizers since the system automatically always guarantees maximum safety, capacity, height and outreach performance.




These are functions that allow you to configure the platform according to the needs of the customer, who can therefore benefit from greater productivity and safety in the workplace.

We mention some of the new features introduced:

  • AUTOMATIC STABILIZATION: The operator can, by selecting a single button, stabilize the platform both from the basket and from the ground.
  • “VIRTUAL ROOF” Allows a maximum working height to be set that can be reached while maintaining maximum outreach performance.
  • “ZTS” (Zero Tail Swing): limits the opening of the pantograph and avoids rear extension past the dimensions of the vehicle with the boom, so as not to occupy the roadway and cause any collisions.


All options are developed by CTE Special Project Division in agreement with the customer.


CTE Connect in S3 EVO

Thanks to this technology, each CTE platform can be connected to the cloud and thanks to CTE Connect it will be possible to have optimized fleet management, remote monitoring, settings and assistance interventions.



The philosophy that has always guided CTE in the development and manufacturing of its products is to make work easy and safe for those who work at height. In this sense, S3 EVO is the direct realization of it.

CTE Sales Director Marco Govoni says: “It is an award that I want to share with the whole CTE organization, from the Ownership to those who have just joined our organization, because I know how hard we have worked to develop and make this exclusive control system for our aerial platforms efficient and safe. On this night in London, I am also proud to represent the only Italian company to have won a IAPA award, emphasizing once again that when it comes to Innovation and Safety, CTE is there!”.

Roberto Berritta, CTE Technical Product and Innovation manager, says: “Innovation is a seed that grows with determination and courage, in the soil of ‘can be done’, but often undermined by ‘it doesn’t exist’ … It needs the right soil, the right environment, those who believe in it and those who support and protects this growth, who cares for it and spreads it … And CTE is all of this …”


More info about S3 EVO: https://www.ctelift.com/en/2020/11/25/s3-evo/