CTE, Green Innovation

CTE’s new green project for a more sustainable future


Acting ethically and responsibly, aware that our activities and choices have an impact on the environment, people and society in which we operate.

From the Agenda 21 in Rio in 1992 to the goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030, there are an increasing amount of evidence that indicate that it is absolutely necessary to rethink our realities with a view to sustainability making choices that point us in this direction.

Starting with this awareness, in the development and supply of its products and services, for several years CTE has been committed to making its contribution to the protection of the environment and responding to the contingent needs of the market for aerial platforms capable of carrying out urban maintenance activities with reduced emissions of harmful gases and noise pollution.

A path that began in 2007 with the first electric ZED 14 E truck-mounted platform, then continued with the first electric tracked self-propelled platforms (TRACCESS 170E and TRACCESS 230E), and in 2016 with the telescopic truck-mounted, battery-powered CTE B-LIFT 17E.

A vision that is strengthened with the creation of a special project by the company called GREEN INNOVATION which will include all corporate activities related to the area of sustainability.

Starting with the development of new models with low environmental impact and full-electric energy efficiency features and, to pursue this goal, the company has identified Green-G – Electric Vehicles as the ideal partner. Green-G – Electric Vehicles, in fact, shares with CTE important values such as innovation and sustainability, and following this premise, the development of the project of an electric truck-mounted platform set up on a fully electric truck was born.

The prototype project began in the autumn of 2021 and will be presented to the market in the coming months and will be the catalyst of a whole new range.

Not focusing only on final products, but also support and participation in green events, or sustainable choices such as the selection of suppliers who share the same vision, the same values and attention to the environment, so as to become partners to grow with.

As part of this strategy, Mr. Roberto Faggin joined the CTE team with the task of defining the commercial plan and the role of interaction with the main interlocutors of sustainability, from institutions to municipal companies and large rental companies for the presentation and promotion of the CTE Green project and the creation of commercial relationships.

For the launch of this new project, a new logo and a new video have been created, visible at this link:


Marco Govoni, CTE Vice President Sales and Marketing Director, says: “I believe that today it is not enough to point out how important it is to work for the protection of our planet and for the future of new generations. We all have to do something more. CTE, in conjunction with the new Business Plan, has the honor and the obligation to offer not only its employees but also its customers cutting-edge and eco-sustainable solutions. This is why – among the various activities – the commitment to develop a new true «full electric» proposal, which therefore includes not only the superstructure, but also a fully electric vehicle not exceeding 3.5tons. It is also a pleasure to welcome in the CTE Team a dedicated person completely immersed in this new project such as Roberto Faggin, who I am sure will give a great drive to spread not only the values, but also the spirit of innovation that has always been at the core our Company”.