PIANOPLAN, for thirty years on the stairs of the world

Company anniversaries are always special moments, even more so when truly surprising work tools are reaching important milestones: such as PIANOPLAN, the tracked stairclimber that turns 30 this year.

30 years of success, for removals and handling of objects safely and effortlessly.

In these 30 years the product has undergone very few changes, except for those necessary to adapt components, demonstrating that the product was born and has remained a winner.

30 anni di successi, per traslochi e movimentazione di oggetti in sicurezza e senza fatica.

At Logimat 2022 show held in Stuttgart these days, from May 31th to June 2nd, this special anniversary will be celebrated at the CTE PIANOPLAN stand (Hall 7, Stand F35): for the occasion, a logo has been specially created to celebrate the anniversary that will be used during this year.


PIANOPLAN, the secret of its great success

Launched on the market in 1992, CTE’s battery-powered stairclimber immediately won over national and international movers for its ease of use and the safety guaranteed to the operator when handling pianos, and has since become the indispensable partner for moving also other bulky objects of various types.

With a load capacity of 600 kg, PIANOPLAN is in fact designed to carry bulky, delicate and heavy objects such as pianos, works of art, safes, vending machines, photocopiers, refrigerators on stairs, ramps and slides.

Small in size, only 1280 mm x 540 mm, with a weight of only 300-345 kg, it is easy to load / unload and transport even on small vans.

Safe and fast: 1 or 2 people are enough for jobs that would otherwise require 4 or 5 operators with cost / hour and time savings.

Efficient: its energy is stored in two powerful batteries that ensure an autonomy of about 50 floors of stairs.

Multi-purpose: it is available in 3 versions to better deal with various types of transport and loading of objects, i.e. standard, vertical, horizontal.




With the aim of making PIANOPLAN even more versatile, some accessories have recently been introduced: the new fork accessory (applicable to the vertical model) which allows to load heavy and bulky material without requiring any physical effort from the operator; the mini-crane accessory, to easily load heavy materials through a winch; the cylinder holder accessory for loading specific materials such as cylinders and storing them safely during transport.


PIANOPLAN’S customers voices

“In 1992, I bought the PIANOPLAN unit number 1, so I was the first PIANOPLAN’s customer! Since then, it has been a daily work companion, and now we own 8 units of PIANOPLAN. We use them every day, 2 or 3 PIANOPLAN a day in the different configurations: maneuverability, precision in movements, long battery life, light weight, speed of movement. In my career, I’ve transported pianos for David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone, Buena Vista Social Club, Paul Mc Cartney, Elton John, Kate Jarrett, and I’ve worked in the most incredible Italian and European places.

With PIANOPLAN we transported an Etruscan sarcophagus in Ravenna, statues from the 1300s in Assisi, large paintings by Tintoretto in Venice, then by Canaletto and Rembrandt”.

Tiziano Pandolfo




“I started my career in 1995 in our family business, now our shop is 126 years old. I’m a pianobuilder and service technician. 10 years ago, I bought my first PIANOPLAN because I needed to transport Grandpianos to concerts. The steering of PIANOPLAN is really precise. It often happens that you don’t have space on the stairs or around the corner. You can steer the machine very easily with any load on it. We don’t like damages on transport goods or on the buildings!”.

Alex Langer




“What seduced us about PIANOPLAN is its versatility and ease of use. It’s the ideal partner for multiple activities: transporter, mover, heat technician, plumber …

Furthermore, PIANOPLAN improves productivity and guarantees the safety of those who use it. These are important aspects for our customers, and we are pleased to be able to simplify their daily life thanks to PIANOPLAN”.

Christophe DUMAS



More info about PIANOPLAN: www.pianoplan.info