CTE SpA: a multi-year development for a new organizational model


As part of a multi-year development plan for 2024-2027 created by the CTE SpA Ownership, a new organizational model has been introduced that will allow the maximizing of company potential working in synergy to achieve objectives, in continuous search for maximum efficiency and quality.


This model provides a single reference for both the Commercial and Operations areas under the coordination of Marco Govoni, formerly Sales and Marketing Director, who now has global responsibility for the activities as Chief Operating Officer.

As operational support for the industrial area, thanks to decades of experience gained in the development of company production processes, Engineer Christian Tovazzi has been appointed to support Marco Govoni in the role of Operation Manager.

A single directive focusing attention on customer satisfaction in all company processes, beyond commercial relationships.


CTE SpA long-term commitment is to grow, innovate and face future challenges with determination. A story that began in 1981 and continues to look to the future as a point of reference for the lifting industry globally, confirming its role of absolute relevance in the market for technological innovation, safety and quality.


Marco Govoni, CTE COO, declares: “I can only thank Mr. Cipriani Lorenzo and Mr. Piovan Giampaolo for the opportunity given to me, this challenge is at the same time an honor and an important undertaking, and I feel a great sense of responsibility towards everyone connected to CTE including, employees, suppliers, customers.

I can guarantee maximum commitment in the wake of the strategy undertaken by CTE in recent years which provides for a strong and marked concentration on its product ranges for the production and distribution of truck-mounted and tracked platforms ZED, B-LIFT, TRACCESS”.


Lorenzo Cipriani, CTE Executive Vice President, adds: “A strong commitment requires strong leadership, which is why entrusting Marco with the guidance of all operations aimed at satisfying market demands was the most natural thing that could be done. Marco, since his entry into the CTE family, has been able to bring great enthusiasm, strong commitment, and competence, successfully involving and directing all the areas he dealt with.

I have great trust and respect in him, both as a professional and as a person. I am convinced that under his direction, what we have defined in our Strategic Plan can be successfully implemented, thus delivering enormous benefits for our customers and all CTE stakeholders”.