THE EVENT: CTE and Genie: An Open Day to celebrate a highly successful 25-year partnership

In the Italian city of Mantua, within the environs of the beautiful location of Go Parc (amusement park), CTE and Genie welcomed large numbers of customers to celebrate a 25-year partnership at an Open Day dedicated to the presentation of new products and a multitude of live demos.

Given the recent launch of the latest Genie products and following the presentation of the new CTE ZED 21 JH (World Premiere at Intermat Paris), the Open Day held on May 4th proved to be the most apposite occasion to showcase these very interesting developments to our Italian customers.

The fleet presented, consisting of 5 truck-mounted platforms (ZED 20 CH, ZED 21 JH, ZED 26 J, B-LIFT 20.13 MULTIPURPOSE and B-LIFT 510 HIGH RANGE), 1 spider-lift (TRACCESS 170), 5 self-propelled (GENIE GTH 2506, GS 3369 RT, GS 4047, GR 26J and Z 40 NRJ) and 1 powered low level access (POWER TOWER NANO), and the many platform demos on display, aroused considerable interest from the invited customers.
The open-day was not entirely dedicated to the presentation of the latest product range but had moments dedicated to the demos alternating with equally exciting kart races held at Go Parc, Mantua, the largest indoor track in Europe.
The presentation of the history of CTE and Genie, which began on the signing of the partnership deal in 1987 and which granted CTE the exclusive sale of Genie products in Italy, was much appreciated by all who attended.


NEW – ZED 21 JH: represents the fusion of the specificities of the ZED 21 J (21m working height with jib 2.1m), the CTE patented stabilization system with connecting rods, and the concept of increased capacity, a feature of the recently launched ZED 20 CSH. The machine is configured in an optimal manner, both from the technical and operational point of view, in order to have a load of 300 kg on the basket over the entire working area without any limitations. Thanks to the zero “footprint tail” an operator can work within a significantly reduced area, less than 3m in width, without compromising safety or performance. This allows this machine to be used at its full capacity and wide range of varied applications. The loading of 300kg in the basket is a new development in the platforms market sector as it is the only one that can bear 300kg of loading capacity at 21m of working height (B driver license – only car driving license required). The boom has been completely redesigned to be more compact and less bulky: it is now in fact parallel to the articulated arm. Moreover, the inclination of the jib has been increased from 110° to 145°. This modification was introduced to increase the flexibility of the boom for particular operations, such as the trusses. The tubes have been positioned inside the boom to give better protection. Finally, to ensure better visibility and to be more user-friendly, the controls tilt towards the operator and are protected by a new ergonomic cover panel.

B-Lift 20.13 MULTIPURPOSE: awarded the IAPA AWARD 2011 as best “Product of the Year – Vehicle/Trailer Mounted”, B-Lift 20.13 Multipurpose catches everybody’s attention thanks to its innovative features which significantly increase its versatility. The B-LIFT 20.13 MP’s most remarkable feature is the patented slewing mechanism, which is mounted on top of the lower telescopic boom – a completely new and innovative design that the international market has never seen before. It is neither a “telescopic” nor an “articulated” platform, but simply a “MULTIPURPOSE” unit allowing a working height of 20m with good up-and-over reach and with variable jacking, but also providing the possibility of operating as a pure telescopic unit up to 13 m, and completely without jacks up to 11m. It operates in all boom positions with zero tail-swing, but causes no obstructions over the working side, thus allowing the machine to get closer to buildings or obstacles and therefore allowing a greater reach than conventional articulated units. Outriggers can be controlled from the basket, in a semi- or fully automatic, self-leveling mode. Controls are proportional and simultaneous, and the ground control station features a display for machine fault diagnosis. Thanks to its remarkable design, B-Lift 20.13 Multipurpose is very successful in the very competitive Italian, German and French markets. The B-Lift 20.13 Multipurpose is highly appreciated by people working on installation, maintenance and monitoring of equipment, or on roofs and balconies of buildings (civil, commercial and industrial). Applications which require a quick and frequent deployment will find the telescopic, variable jacking or no-jacking operation a uniquely practical solution.

ZED 20 CH: The articulated truck-mounted platform with Z boom and H stabilization has attracted many customers in the demanding German market as well as in the competitive Italian one. This platform is the latest development within the ZED family – CTE’s brand-indentifying units with articulated arm with Z configuration – and features a uniquely innovative vertical stabilization system linked with connecting rods to the horizontal beam extension. The system enables the beam and the stabilizer to be operated in only one movement, with a single cylinder. This design has been patented by CTE and has already been tested on the ZED 26 JH. It allows the machine to stabilize near a footpath without the outriggers skidding. The ZED 20 CH provides the ideal solution when operating in narrow places and is extremely flexible when encountering obstacles (i.e. sidewalks) during the stabilization up to 220 mm in height, 83% more than A+A version (120mm).
B-LIFT 510 HR: thanks to its technically elegant yet minimal design, this machine is the CTE flagship for the C-driving license market segment. The B-Lift 510 HR reaches 51m in working height on a 26-ton, 3-axle vehicle. HR stands for Hi Range, an important engineering project launched some years ago by CTE to be able to compete effectively in the Northern European and American, fire fighting and industrial markets. One of the advantages of the B-Lift 510 HR is the possibility to include, in the standard configuration, the working area adjustment linked to the outrigger deployment position with an outreach of over 34m and a max. basket loading capacity of 450 kilos. A remarkable performance feature for a compact vehicle of around 10m in length.

TRACCESS 170: Traccess is the first spider with reduced dimensions, ideal for operating at heights from 13m up to 22.6m. It can pass through a 2m-high doorway and, in addition, can easily be transported on a truck. With unparalleled autonomy, and agility over uneven terrains, Traccess is the ideal solution for construction companies and plant installers who would otherwise be forced to use an aerial platform. The Traccess 170 reaches 17m of working height and features 7.5m of outreach and a loading capacity of 200kg. The electric version, model TRACCESS 170 E, is also available. The machine is environmentally- friendly thanks to its lithium batteries that ensure an autonomous operation of the platform for about 5 hours of work. Unlike a typical combustion engine, it emits no smoke nor noise, in full compliance with environmental protection norms in force.

The well-tested formula of alternating between moments dedicated to demos and training, and events dedicated to the fun-karts, proved highly successful. All guests showed considerable interest while participated enthusiastically, thus increasing loyalty to the CTE philosophy.