B-lift 187 in Russia

The commercial Vehicle Plant Ruskomtrans built the autohydraulic hoist with superstructure B-lift 187 (СТЕ S.p.A, Italy) on the basis of cross-road shasis “Taiga” with seven-seater cabin for implementation on the i.Sahalin. There are heaps of reviews on this vehicle “Taiga”. In 2009 the plant “Ruskomtrans” create the hybrid model of vehicles GAZ-33081 “Sadko” (4×4) and GAZ-33104 “Valdai”, named “Taiga”, with the three-seater and seven-seater cabins, for which Ruskomtrans won the first place in the regional competition “Innovations of the year”. The unicity of this vehicle is the multifunction four-wheel-drive
vehicle with comfortable spacious middle conventional cabin with superstructures of different purposes. The autohydraulic hoist AGP-18T has a comfortable seven-seater cabin, which allows the operating force come fast to the work zone.