CTE has realized a video focused on the correct use of safety harnesses

CTE believes and infuses its Energy in spreading culture of safety on work, together with its products promotion. With about 1.000 aerial platforms yearly sold world wide, trainings for the proper use of tools and equipment acquires fundamental importance in the company philosophy.

And why not comunicate to the customers this important information on safety at work in a more interactive way? CTE chooses the video as the perfect informative medium for the correct use of safety harnesses on aerial platform: video’s main important characteristic is virality, easy of use and contents consultability on pc, tablet and smartphone always and everywhere, also during working procedures.

This is a typical action of CTE philosophy “work becomes easy”, of course.

In just over three minutes, the video explains the various steps for the proper use of the harnesses, starting with the first information regarding the fit (almost like a jacket), then it analyzes the various points of locking legs, fixing belts and connecting the cord, so to be ready to work safely at height. In this sense, we need to be careful for any simple everyday things, because they need always a lot of attention.

Short link to the video: http://youtu.be/BieTCoppKZg

In CTE history, collaboration with IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) has been a very important event. Recently, in 2012 CTE became founding member of IPAF ITALIA.
CTE was one of the first Italian companies to share the IPAF’s aims and objectives and became IPAF training center since 2002, when the certified training of operators in Italy, in fact, does not exist and has helped to promote the importance of training and safety use of mobile elevating working platforms acting together with IPAF for events and seminars.

Today, the concept of safety is spreading at various levels involving even the smallest businesses. Unfortunately, it is still seen as an obligation imposed by law and not as a virtuous behavior. The goal of CTE is to clarify that investing in safety is the most productive investment that an entrepreneur can do. CTE is also convinced that adequate training is also an opportunity to improve the staff professionalism, the profitability of works on height and the operating conditions of the machine.

Go on the safe side! Choose training for your safety!