PEOPLE ON THE MARKET: PMP Noleggi from Udine, North of Italy

This edition, we’ve interviewed Mr Maurizio Pravan from PMP Noleggi in Udine, North of Italy.

1. What is your main activity? When did you start?
For more than fifteen years our company is dealing with earth-moving and aerial platforms rental and with the various complementary services related: from aerial platforms maintenance, to direct after-sales support, to transport.

2. How did your company evolved in these last years?
Since the beginning PMP Noleggi is dealing with earth moving machinery maintenance.
Over the years we’ve gradually shifted to excavators hire, and then to the aerial works machinery.

3. Where do you work?
While belonging to a small area (Udine province, north of Italy), our company is well known in all our region (Friuli Venezia Giulia) and in the neighboring areas (Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige).

4. What is your policy regarding your competitors? Do you present to the market an image of company that understands the nature of the competition and that is proactive?
Over the years our relationship with the competitors has become increasingly collaborative, sometimes synergistic.

5. How has the market evolved recently?
The market in our sector is suffering. But our passion and specialization allow us to do business with pride.

6. How is the assistance service provided for your customers?
Our company offers a complete after-sales service. We organize trainings for AWP, elevators and cranes. After the training our customers can hire an aerial platform. We are always involved in offering the best delivery of our machines. Moreover, during the rental period, we are always at customers disposal with support also in sites.

7. How big is your fleet and what type of machines do you own?
Our fleet is made of about 40 machines. We own truck-mounted platforms (B license) up to 24 m; self-propelled rotating, vertical and tracked (spider-lifts). Then mini-cranes for narrow sites and glass lifting, van and earth-moving machinery.

8. What is your “recipe for success” – what values are important in your daily work?
We do not have a real “recipe”, because every customer has a special story and certain needs. We are trying to do our best giving full availability and taking advantage of the flexibility that a small company can offer. We support the customer starting from the choice of the ideal equipment for the site, to hire with qualified and trained operators, trying to comply with its requirements.

9. How many CTE platforms do you own?
Currently we own 9 Genie platforms: electric and diesel scissors, and rotating self-propelled for indoor and outdoor. And now we are waiting for delivery of 2 ZED truck-mounted (ZED 20.2 H and ZED 21 JH) that will enrich our fleet.

10. Why did you choose CTE platforms?
In the past we owned a CTE Z 20; now ZED 20.2 H and ZED 21 JH, and the aim of CTE products to always grow and upgrade, pushed us to choose these platforms, with special features that are new in the market. Innovations that could allow us to play new challenges with our customers.

11. What characteristics make CTE platforms winners?
In my opinion, this new stabilizers configuration allow to work faster and safer: soundness, accuracy and softness in the platform movements will be able to satisfy even the most demanding and fussy customer.

12. What do your customers want in a platform? What is driving their choice, today?
Our customers claim maximum performance in terms of precision and rapidity. Today, to choose an aerial platform is not so easy: you should find the right compromise between rapidity, precision, outreach, encumbrance, capacity and arm stability. All while keeping in mind quality-price ratio.