ZED 23.2 JH

Truck-mounted articulated platform ZED 23.2 JH is the new version of the well known ZED 23 JH (where the “dot two” underlines the new versions).
With these upgrades, CTE aims to re-engineer excellence for truck-mounted platforms and, compared to the previous version, with unchanged capacity in the basket for ZED 23.2 JH (230 kg). 
INNOVATIONS: CTE has redesigned structural and non-structural components in a more user-friendly way, performing and conforming to safety standards for the operator.
Aerial platform new design: using thinner SSAB Docol steel, CTE was able to ensure great stability at height for the operator with a lighter structure.

Re-designed turret: the platform turret has been completely redesigned, improving rigidity and aesthetic despite the use of thinner steel. 

New rotary actuator for basket rotation: 90° + 90° basket rotation system with Moveco Rotary Actuator is now standard on jib platforms, taking advantage of the proven technology in use on CTE spiders to ensure an easy-to-use and stable working platform.

Re-design basket load cell: derived from CTE High Range platforms, provides a much more accurate reading of the basket load and therefore greater safety and use reliability. 

Anti-crunching protection for operator hands: meeting the requirement of the EN 280:2013, the handrail of the basket now presents a double bar protecting operator and passenger hands during aerial maneuvers.

Deadman switch (pedal) in the basket: complying to EN 280:2013 requirements, CTE will add a switch (pedal) to enable aerial maneuvers from basket preventing continued involuntary movements (now standard on all CTE platforms).

Duplicated ground control station with wired console: thanks to the innovative design of the ground control station, the platform bodywork is now completely empty and flat. A wired console allows the movement of the aerial platform, from the ground, improving safety when operated. The system provides full visibility of aerial operations in favor of safety and comfort of use. The second control station meets the requirements of the EN 280:2013 duplicating security controls already present in the basket with also the presence of the emergency and the start / stop engine switches. Moreover, it meets the requirements of control station selection when the remote control is inserted in the control panel of the platform.

230 kg capacity without limitations: as for all former ZED models the fixed stabilization allows the full outreach with full capacity on 360 degrees of turret rotation.

Boom resting support switch with contactless sensors: as per EN 280:2013 requirements, the detection system of the “ready-for-transport” status utilizes contactless technology with two encoded sensors that prevent tampering and therefore the use in un-safe driving conditions. 

New basket access ladder: a  totally new folding aluminum ladder for the basket with a new design has been added.

Innovative chassis: thanks to the innovative design of the boxed multi-folded subframe, CTE has added a new milestone in history of ZED chassis. Lightness and stiffness come together in a structure that guarantee the best performance to the complement platform superstructure. During the design of the subframe, CTE was able add an aesthetic touch with renewed octagonal plates and multi-folded stabilizers.

Aluminum basket: totally redesigned, the octagonal aluminum basket reduce the platform weight compared to the previous models, without compromising strength and ease of access and making it even easier to repair in case of small impacts.