CTE ZED 21.3 JHV reaches 21 m of working height, 10 m of outreach and 300 kg of capacity.

It has a double pantograph and a telescopic boom with single extension. Turret rotation is ± 320°, basket rotation is 90° left and 90° right. Proportional, simultaneous electrohydraulic controls in basket and ground have acceleration and deceleration ramps to smooth the movements. The hydraulic outriggers have ground pressure sensors.

S3 Smart Stability System allows, with rear stabilizers in shape, to position the front stabilizers as you need: totally open, open in any position, closed. A system that adapts in real time to the conditions of use, basket load and geometry, automatically, and allows the user of to taking advantage of the full potential of each type of platform, irrespective of the vehicle characteristics on which it is mounted or the geometry of its superstructure. The S3 system, first of all, reduces development and testing time, provides highly repeatable performances under equal environmental conditions, stabilizers position, placement conditions and loading, offering a user-friendly and intuitive operating mode for the user. The operator is able to check the total amount of residual performance on the display without having to preselect the load curve, unlike what is normally done with machines equipped with a geometrical limiting device.
With both stabilization system, this model is ideal for many applications, from building maintenance, to pruning, to restoring, to façade cleaning, to adv signs installation. Thanks to the jib, with these models you can work in places that require overcoming or under roofs.

More technical info: https://www.ctelift.com/en/products/zed-21-3-jhv-2/