CTE at Platformers’ Days 2021

We’ve chosen to show our brand-new truck-mounted platform CTE MP 24 C, our new spiderlift CTE TRACCESS 160 and our stairclimber PIANOPLAN VERTICAL with new Forks and Mini Gru accessories.

Our highlight will be our S3 EVO, the electronic management system designed by CTE to facilitate all user operations and ensure the safety of the platform at every stage of use thanks to the continuous control of all parameters of the machine (available on our CTE MP 24 C).


CTE MP 24 C: MP means Multipurpose, 24 representing 24 m of working height, C is for compact to highlight its limited size right down to the name. Mounted on the Iveco Daily truck, in transport position it measures less than 6.4 m in length and 2.8 m in height. The boom is made up of a double telescopic and jib, and is the first notable detail that is seen as an innovation, that identifies it.  Its particular configuration guarantees the possibility of an up-and over of 10.5m and to work in a negative position, with jib excursion up to 105°. The basket has a front attachment and is clear underneath. The capacity is max 250 kg. A highlight is the new man-machine interface with the S3 EVO control console, the most advanced technology for the real-time performance management system of aerial platforms. Thanks to S3 EVO, every single maneuver is controlled by the system which, through the graphics integrated on the display, indicates which maneuver is permitted. All this to ensure the operator can work in absolute safety. The stabilization, managed by S3 EVO, is variable and features front stabilizers with hydraulic extension of the crossbars to work in shape and out of shape and rear stabilizers fixed in shape. CTE Connect allows you to access remote diagnostics, to geolocate the vehicle even when in motion, to remotely set some work parameters such as those combined with the Virtual Roof system, and to manage the platform for fleet management functions with users and passwords customized.



CTE TRACCESS 160: this model offers functions that are usually available on top of the range models on a working height of 16 m.

The main features: 16m of working height, 7,9 m of outreach and 250 kg of capacity in the whole working area, with 2.4 GHz wireless remote, color diagnostic display, automatic stabilization, home function, paired with top of its class performances, unrestricted area at nominal capacity.

To make this model a milestone in its category is the CAN BUS electrical system, similar to the CTE truck mounted platforms equipped with the S3 EVO system. This is a great advantage for hirers and workshops optimizing fleet management by having the same interface for truck and tracked platforms.


PIANOPLAN VERTICAL WITH FORKS AND MINI GRU ACCESSORIES: the stairclimber by CTE with forks and mini gru options, to load bulky objects avoiding human efforts. Designed to carry delicate or heavy objects such as pianos, works of art, safes, vending machines, photocopiers and refrigerators for example up and down stairs, on ramps or slides. The integrated control system of PIANOPLAN offers the operator maximum maneuverability of the stair climber in all directions simply and in perfect safety. In transport mode, everything is always under control.

THE RANGE: there are 3 models. Standard, Horizontal and Vertical.

All 3 models have the same common features: 600 kg loading capacity, protected handle and easily accessible functions, commands with proportional manipulator, reclining helm, hydraulic lift equipped with rollers, independent tracks for curvature, surmountable gradient of 45°.

Transporting pianos, work for which PIANOPLAN was invented, can be done with all three models: the final choice will depend on where the piano has to be placed. What differentiates the three models is the loading mode.