ASS.CAR and PMP NOLEGGI talk about S3 EVO

Two rental companies talk about S3 EVO and why it is highly rated by their customers.

We interviewed ASS.CAR and PMP Noleggi.

ASS.CAR, which this year celebrates 40 years of activity, is based in Turin and operates in Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta. Last year he bought a CTE ZED 23.3 JHV with S3 EVO. Christian Girardi, owner, says “We were looking for a reliable vehicle, easy to use and suitable for different stabilization situations. The features of the chosen product are the following: versatility of stabilization, immediacy of controls and a feeling of safety in use, also thanks to the fact that only the controls that can actually be operated are made available in the basket”. And says “Our customers are mostly occasional users, with short rentals a few months away from each other: having simple equipment, with an immediate interface, which avoids operator errors will certainly facilitate the feeling with the product, making the product usable right from the first minute. The ZED 23.3 JHV and its S3 evo system meet this need perfectly: high technological content, a reliable brand behind it and one of the most advanced machine interfaces on the market“.


PMP Noleggi, a company from Udine, has recently purchased a CTE ZED 21.3 JHV truck mounted platform equipped with S3 EVO. The reasons that prompted him to purchase were a good outreach, the possibility of automatic closing, partial stabilization and the dissatisfaction derived from the use of a similar model from a competitor. Maurizio Paravan, owner, underlined: “At the moment we are renting to all types of customers. The advantages are fewer placements, given the considerable reach, and the lower risk of damage or accidents due to the limitations imposed by the vehicle“.