CTE France @ JDL Expo 2023 together with SNM Lift

In the SNM Lift area, a specific area dedicated to CTE France


CTE France will be present at JDL EXPO 2023 which will be held from 21st to 23rd June.

The presence of CTE France within the SNM Lift “village” underlines the great synergy between the two companies in serving the French market.

In an area of 100 m2 (booth D39), 3 models of aerial platforms will be exhibited, including the 100% electric truck-mounted CTE MP 20 Ev, for the first time in France.

The event will offer the opportunity to present the most innovative solutions for aerial work to the French market, with an eye to sustainability and safety.





TRACCESS 270: 27 m working height, 14 m outreach and 250 kg capacity. It was born as an evolution of the already known and reliable TRACCESS 230 but with the addition of numerous innovations, the main one being the presence of S3 EVO. Thanks to it, it is possible to position each single stabilizer in a different position, and, in the control panel, a wireless radio control that can be used both from the ground and in the spacecraft, there is a graphic display that allows you to have under control and view which maneuvers are allow. It can move with the jib raised, very useful on sloping terrain.


CTE ZED 20.4 HN on Iveco achieves a working height of 20 m, a reach of 8.2 m and a payload of 250 kg. The model has a double pantograph, a telescopic arm with an extension.

The rotation of the turret is ± 115°, that of the nacelle 65° to the right and 65° to the left.

Stabilization is narrow jacking configuration, with hydraulically placed outriggers with ground contact sensors.

A model appreciated for its versatility thanks to the possibility of carrying out two simultaneous and proportional maneuvers.


CTE MP 20 Ev has been designed to ensure access and use on construction sites and areas with limited gas and noise emissions, offering maximum work and safety performance. CTE MP 20 Ev is the first truck-mounted platform full-electric with 20 m of working height mounted on 3.5 tons. A large investment by CTE SpA as a leader in the lifting market to make completely electric vehicles that respect the environment, to work in historic centers, green areas, sustainable construction sites, even at night thanks to the complete silence of the vehicles and of the platform.

This model reaches 20 m of working height, 13 m of outreach and 250 kg of capacity.

With double arm configuration, 1 of which is telescopic + jib, totally designed, engineered, and manufactured in Italy with CTE and SSAB Technology.

Ground console with wireless remote and integrated display for wires free operations, basket console with the same Look-n-Feel of the ground console, integrated display, for easy learning and familiarization for the operator. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art control system CTE S3 EVO, the smart and safe management system of CTE aerial platforms, awarded at the IAPA 2022 with the Technological Innovation award, which allows end users a work experience in complete safety with maximum performance, and for fleet managers, easy, direct and optimized vehicle control. This model is mounted on e-carry Green-G full electric truck. The vehicle’s range is up 70 km (WLTP) and 25 work cycles (sample usage data; transfer performance and work cycles vary depending on the mode of use). The power supply system offers the advantage of being able to work entirely on battery or in ‘plugged-in’ mode connected to the mains with the supplied charging device (220V / 380V).




We’ll wait for you at the D39 booth !