• Altezza61,6 m*
  • Sbraccio35/31,6/29,2 m*
  • Portata120/280/600 kg
  • PTT min32 t
  • Dimensioni navicella2400/3600x900x1100 mm
  • Altezza piano calpestio59,6 m
  • Telescopic boom (5 elements: main boom + 4 extensions)
  • Extra long main jib with double extension and 180° swivelling angle
  • Secondary jib with 180° swivelling angle
  • Hydraulic and electric supply fitted on cable carrier chain inside main boom and jib
  • Automatic management system of secondary jib movements
  • 570° slewing turret on bearing turntable and gearmotor with negative hydraulic brake
  • Ground control station with remote umbilical cord controls
  • Turret and basket control stations with multifunction integrated colour display

* outreach and height max values and repeatability can change within ± 3% due to manufacturing variation and working condition.

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