CTE ZED 23.3 JH reaches 22,6 m of working height, 10 m of outreach and 230 kg of capacity. It has a double pantograph + telescopic boom with single extension + jib, with turret rotation of ±320°. Smooth proportional controls with acceleration and deceleration ramps. Hydraulic outriggers with ground pressure sensors: front variable jacking outriggers and rear straight down stabilizers. Variable 4 working areas managed by H Stab System.

This model is ideal for a lot of applications, from buildings maintenance to restoring, to prunings, to façade works (paintings or cleaning), to underroof, to public lights maintenance, to advertising signs installations.
The variable stabilization H Stab System allows also to use the right space on site, thanks to the possibility to extend or not the front stabilizers, and to have rear stabilizers fixed in shape.

More information: https://www.ctelift.com/en/products/zed-23-3-jh/