CTE presents the new CTE ZED 23.3 JHV

Already on-line the product video

23 m of working height on articulated boom with S3 Smart Stability System. This is the new truck-mounted platform CTE ZED 23.3 JHV, showed as premiere at the Vertikal Days 2018 last days in England. It is the result of the restyling that has interested the whole CTE ZED range in the last year (old model CTE ZED 23.2 JHV).

CTE ZED 23.3 JHV reaches 10 m of outreach and 250 kg of capacity.

To discover the main features of this new model, it is already available the product video:
The video emphasize the main features of this model (the unit in video is mounted on Iveco Daily), underlining the vehicle compactness, the S3 Smart Stability System, the articulated boom versatility and the jib that allows to work in hard to reach areas without any encumbrances under the basket.
This model is ideal for a lot of applications, from buildings maintenance to restoring, to prunings, to façade works (paintings or cleaning), to underroof, to public lights maintenance, to advertising signs installations.
S3 Smart Stability System allows also to use the right space on site (streets, sidewalks). S3 is the innovative, geometrical machine performance limitation system that adapts in real time to the conditions of use, load and geometry, independently allowing maximum performance for each position of the boom. Thanks to S3, positioning operations and maximum ergonomics during the work phase are facilitated.

CTE ZED 23.3 JHV reaches 23 m of working height, 10 m of outreach and 250 kg of capacity. Double pantograph + telescopic boom with single extension + jib, sigma boom movement enabled by connecting rods, ±320° turret rotation, smooth proportional simultaneous controls with acceleration and deceleration ramps, engine start and stop controls from basket and ground. There are a diagnostic display on board and a basket control station equipped with working envelope.

More info about CTE ZED 23.3 JHV: https://www.ctelift.com/en/products/zed-23-3-jhv/

CTE ZED 23.3 JHV is available on long cabin truck (Iveco) or standard (Nissan).

Enjoy the video!