CTE celebrates 40 years of history

Yes, 40 years!

CTE celebrates 40 years of history (of aerial platforms)


CTE SpA was founded in 1981 thanks to the meeting of Mr Lorenzo Cipriani, Mr Mauro Potrich and Mr Gianfranco Cipriani, entrepreneurs of industrial and environmental maintenance, with Mr Giampaolo Piovan and Mr Paolo Pege, entrepreneurs in the lifting and earthmoving sector.



Since its foundation, CTE has always been attentive to the needs of its customers to improve their working performance and their safety at work. Our gaze towards the future is today still directed towards innovation and the search for cutting-edge technical solutions that are realized with the continuous upgrade of the articulated and telescopic truck-mounted platforms range (ZED and B-LIFT) and the spiderlifts range (TRACCESS). The result of this attention to the evolution of the most recent developments in the sector is S3 EVO, the most advanced technology for the real-time management system for the performance of aerial platforms that offers the operator a user experience in full harmony with the company’s CTE Work Becomes Easy philosophy.



At the end of the 1970s, construction was in full swing and working at height was carried out almost exclusively with simple scaffolding, very limiting in terms of guaranteeing safety and maximum reachable height.

Therefore, the need to innovate to improve work performance and safety at work becomes strong, so much so that for the first time Mr Cipriani tried to rent a self-propelled aerial platform. From here the adventure starts, ideas are created and the foundations for a new reality are formed: on February 10th, 1981, CTE is born! It started as a company offering the rental and sale of aerial platforms of national and foreign producers.


The first milestone of the company is the important agreement signed in 1987 with Genie Industries for the distribution of their self-propelled platforms exclusively in Italy.


In 1996, the first major change took place: the production of aerial platforms joins the rental and resale. CTE launched on the market the revolutionary truck-mounted platform Z 20, with the innovative pantograph articulated boom, the main product of the company and the reference point for all the competitors.


In the 1990s was born, thanks to the partnership with CTE, the subsidiaries Elevateur (Naples), Tecnoalt (Rome), Sicel (Sicily), specialized in rental and sale of aerial platforms.


After a profitable national expansion, with a network of authorized service points, there was an expansion abroad with the foundation of CTE France and CTE UK respectively in 1992 and in 2002.


In 2002 CTE becomes IPAF training centre, continuing in the following years a constant and thriving collaboration.

The spirit of internationalization and the drive for product diversification continued in 2005 with the acquisition of Effer SpA holding, well known land and marine cranes manufacturer (today HIAB), and of Bizzocchi Srl, manufacturer of telescopic truck-mounted platforms and fire-fighting platforms.


In July 2016 CTE creates a joint venture for the fire-fighting and rescue platforms Rosenbauer International AG, the world leader in the fire-fighting vehicle sector, and founds Rosenbauer Rovereto Srl, a company that produces the line of fire-fighting platforms and water towers until recently produced and marketed by CTE under the B-Fire brand.



During this long career, CTE has received numerous awards from national and international organizations and fairs for product innovations and for specific technologies developed to improve safety at work and operation at height.



Organizations are the people who are a part of. Deeply believing in this thought, in 2017 CTE obtained the Family Audit certification: established by the Autonomous Province of Trento – Provincial Agency for the family, birth rate and youth policies – aims to reconcile the family and work of employees. Among the first companies in the metalworking sector to have undertaken this path, mainly achieved by companies belonging to the public sector, CTE creates value inside and outside the company, even with territorial welfare, starting from various stimuli that push the innovation, enhance differences and open up to change.




Mr Lorenzo Cipriani, CTE Executive Vice President, declare: “40 years is of course a big goal achieved, and has been lived with passion for this industry, and this passion is truly recognized by the market. Passion and determination that unite all of us, our collaborators and our partners who believe in the value of their work and above all in the value of feeling part of the same project that focuses on the satisfaction of our customers by offering them excellent products and services”.


Mr Giampaolo Piovan, CTE President, says: “40 years is not a finish line, but are a stage of a path along which we at CTE want to be protagonists. Always having a clear vision from which we started, the experience we have acquired and our propensity for innovation. That mean the development of new technologies and new products, and offering new services to support our customers even after the sale”.



50 customizations made every year

15.000 aerial platforms produced to date

80 available models from the CTE catalogue

350 Operators trained every year

5 Patents

23 CTE authorized workshops in Italy

A network of distributors covering the 5 continents