CTE Danmark delivers a ZED 21.2 JH to the Municipality of Lolland

The Municipality of Lolland, the 4th biggest isle of Denmark, has taken delivery of one articulated truck-mounted platform ZED 21.2 JH from CTE Danmark.
The customer has told: „We are really looking forward to start using our new CTE platform, which we believe we will have great use of. We believe it is a very practical and easy to use machine, which we have high hopes for. The ability to have 280 kg in all the working area of the machine, even with about 10 metres of outreach, and the smart and quick setup of the stabilizers, is the main reasons that we ended up choosing the CTE ZED machine.“
ZED 21.2 JH reaches 20,7 m of working height, 9,9 m of outreach and 280 kg of capacity. This model is ideal for illumination and signs maintenance, greenery maintenance, painting, restoration, cleaning facades, thanks to its peculiarities like the jib, the H stabilization, the compactness of the machine. Improving safety, the basket has an anti-crunching protection with a double bar protecting operator and passenger hands during aerial maneuvers. The platform structure is made of Strenx SSAB steel.

More info about ZED 21.2 JHhttps://www.ctelift.com/en/products/zed-21-2-jh/