Hematec Demo Tour in Germany with a CTE B-LIFT 390 High Range and a spiderlift CTE TRACCESS 230

It started on Monday, May 9th, the demo tour organized by the CTE German dealer Hematec Arbeitsbuehnen GmbH, and that will visit major Hematec customers throughout Germany.

At the beginning of the convoy, there is the truck-mounted platform CTE B-LIFT 390 High Range, followed by the spiderlift (towed by a car) CTE TRACCESS 230.

The aim is to test both products by final customers, with demo and technical training.

The truck-mounted platform CTE B-LIFT 390 High Range involved in tour was purchased by Hematec last October 2015. It offers 600 kg of capacity at 39 m working height (news: https://www.ctelift.com/en/2015/12/10/cte-b-lift-high-range-upgrade-600-kg-of-capacity-in-the-platform-at-the-maximum-working-height/). Mounted on Mercedes Antos 2 axles GVW 18tons, reaches 26,3 m of outreach. This platform has a main telescopic boom with 3 elements (main boom + 2 extensions), extra long jib with double extension and 180° swiveling angle, secondary jib with 180° swiveling angle. Regarding the capacity in the platform, it has an automatic limiting device controlling outreach according to the platform weight and stabiliser variable configuration. Controls are proportional electro hydraulic with simultaneous maneuvers (ergonomic joysticks). There are a vehicle cab anti-collision device and an intercom communication device integrated on control station. Engine start/stop control from the basket and ground. There is also a lock system of the basket during transport.


Self-propelled track mounted aerial platform CTE TRACCESS 230 is the model that reaches the maximum height of the CTE spiderlifts range. It reaches 23 m of working height, 12 m of outreach and 200 kg of capacity. Recently it became part of the range also an electric version (CTE TRACCESS 230E, news: https://www.ctelift.com/en/2015/08/24/traccess-230e-the-23-m-spiderlift-with-lithium-battery/ ). CTE TRACCESS 230 has automatic stabilization with 4 stabilization areas with hydraulic placement, basket load sensing device, 230 V AC CE electric socket in the basket, gradeability max 31%, 2,1m jib with +10° working angle, compact dimensions that allow to pass also through standard doors.

The very small size (2.10 m in height when closed and 5.3 m long) makes Traccess 230 the most compact tracked aerial platform in the range of 23 m.

The new model has the classic „Z“ shape typical of the Traccess range and is able to ensure a perfect „verticality“ along the wall during the working phases. With one command the operator can go up or down along the wall, without the need for other changes. Stabilization is automatic and allows 4 different working areas: with stabilizers open at 24° on one side and 50° on the other side the operator can work on one side with max outreach 12 m (the third configuration is on the opposite side); finally the operator can work with the 4 stabilizers opened. With these four types of stabilization no ‚ground‘ can stop the operator’s work. There is a jib that allows to reach +10°. The basket can rotate 90°+90°. The extending width tracks is also standard, to offer  stability on uneven terrain.

Easy to carry, Traccess 230 can be loaded on trucks.

Very useful the possibility to overcome 1 m of difference in level.

For more info about Hematec Arbeitsbuehnen GmbH: http://www.hematec-arbeitsbuehnen.de/


More info about CTE: www.ctelift.com – Link at the CTE corporate video: http://youtu.be/EEkYujZHOZ0