A new spider lift in the CTE TRACCESS range is born: the tallest of the family, this is TRACCESS 270

“Innovate, always. Looking to make work easier for everyone”. This is the CTE philosophy and one of the principals of the new TRACCESS 270.

The new model adds to the CTE spider lift range that already includes TRACCESS 135, TRACCESS 160, TRACCESS 170, TRACCESS 200 and TRACCESS 230  increasing the maximum working height of spider lifts ever manufactured by CTE. A great result that is part of the strategic turning point started in 2019 by CTE with the renewal and expansion of its spider range with the aim of becoming one of the decisive players in this sector.



  • Working height: 27 m
  • Outreach: 14 m
  • Capacity: max 250 kg
  • Engine diesel Kubota D902, 3 cilinders (+ 48 V AC + 110/220 V AC always operational for emergency recovery maneuvers and for hybrid use)


  • Length: 6.471 mm
  • Width: 1.470 mm
  • Height: 2.045
  • Weight: 4.350 kg


It was born as an evolution of the already known and trusted TRACCESS 230 but with the addition of numerous innovations, the main being  the presence of S3 EVO, the most advanced technology for real-time management system of the performance of aerial platforms. Thanks to it, it is possible to place each individual outrigger in a different position. Once the outriggers have been positioned, we proceed with the automatic stabilization of the platform.

Another very interesting innovation is represented by the control panel: a wireless radio control that can be used both from the ground and in the basket. The single control panel for both the ground station and in the basket allows all access  to all the available functions and maneuvers (es. Automatic stabilization, home function).

The graphic display allows you to view and manage which maneuvers are allowed at that time: for example, in the case of stabilization maneuvers, all commands will be available only when the stabilization operation has been completed. Every single maneuver is controlled by the S3 EVO system which, through the graphics integrated on the display, indicates if that maneuver is permitted. All this is to ensure the operator can work in absolute safety.

In addition, a second wire control console in the basket is also available as an accessory.

TRACCESS 270 has all the features necessary for an efficient management of the unit, such as:


– Automatic engine regulation

– Smart management of the electric pump

– Automatic closing and opening

– Ramps and slowdowns

– Automatic basket centering

– Automatic anti-collisions

– Simultaneous, proportional maneuvers


Other news regarding safety, TRACCESS 270 can translate with the jib raised, very useful in the case of sloping terrain. Thanks to the „rise & drive“ function of the jib, translation can take place without any difficulty on sloping ground or on ramps, keeping the unit  completely stable.

Further attention to operator safety is given by the presence of the anti-crushing device in the basket (available as an option).



An extraordinary feature of TRACCESS 270 is the presence of 3 different power sources  in the same machine: diesel, battery pack AGM Deep Cycle which provides energy for about an hour of work and powers a 48 V AC engine, and when the batteries are running low, it is possible to connect the platform to the electricity grid, thanks to the 220V or 110V multi-voltage socket for worldwide use. A totally hybrid solution to operate indoors or outdoors.


TRACCESS 270 it really is a very powerful platform, with fast and fluid movements. Perfect for tree care, for cleaning facades and buildings and for all applications where access is needed on rough terrain.


The arrival of this new model represents the fascinating challenge that CTE is undertaking over the next few years, namely to play a leadership role in the world – of spider lifts –  one in which it has not always had  been at the forefront, having the truck-mounted platforms as a core business.


Marco Govoni, CTE Sales Director, says: “It is with great satisfaction that on behalf of the whole CTE Team I welcome TRACCESS 270 , opening doors to a new generation of TRACCESS which, among other things, includes our amazing S3 EVO technology, already in use on our truck mounted platforms. With the entry of this model, CTE takes a further step of growth in its strategic path that sees our company eager and determined to be one of the principle leaders in the world of spider lifts”.


The product video: https://youtu.be/twKDnPEwrIw

The product spec-sheethttps://www.ctelift.com/en/products/traccess-270-3/