CTE ZED 20.3 HV new video is on-line

It shows the new stabilisation system with 4 defined working areas that allow to work in complete safety

New arrival in CTE for the most requested working height range, the 20 m. In this range, besides the best seller model CTE ZED 20.3 H, is now available a new version, characterized by a new variable stabilization system H Stab System with 4 defined working areas.

CTE ZED 20.3 HV is here.

How to work easily, in reduced space and safely? You can see how in the new video realized for CTE ZED 20.3 HV: https://www.ctelift.com/en/video-cte-zed-20-3-hv/
The video shows the main features of this product, highlighting the compactness of the platform, the H Stab System, the boom versatility and some applications.
CTE ZED 20.3 HV is ideal for many applications, from the building maintenance, to pruning, from the facades cleaning, to the advertising signs installation.
The variable stabilization with H stab system allows to use the right space in sites, thanks to the stabilizers configuration – rear in shape, front extended or in shape or alternate.

After the structural restyling needed for the Euro 6 trucks adjustment, in the last months CTE reintroduced again on the market its best sellers, to be understood as a real « new generation » of aerial platforms.
Given the increased weights of the trucks, the designs of the arms of the platforms have been revised to meet the total weight, and have been introduced new materials and management-control systems.
The new booms, made of the reliable Strenx SSAB steel, have been designed with a new concept, with rounded and eye-catching lines designed to guarantee maximum performance and height stability.
Also the frames have changed shape to adapt to new superstructures.
The control panels are now kept in a protective compartment underneath the chassis to prevent damage caused by weather or debris.

CTE ZED 20.3 HV reaches 20 m of working height, 8,5 m of outreach and 300 kg of capacity. It has a double pantograph and a telescopic boom with single extension. Turret rotation is ± 320°, basket rotation is 60° left and 60° right. Proportional, simultaneous electrohydraulic controls in basket and ground have acceleration and deceleration ramps to smooth the movements. The hydraulic outriggers have ground pressure sensors. H Stab System allow front variable jacking outriggers and rear straight down stabilizers.
H Stab System is available also on the model CTE ZED 21.3 JH, showed as world premiere at Apex Show last May.

More information about CTE ZED 20.3 HV:

Enjoy the video!