Swedish Steel Prize: CTE conquered the second place at the prize with the innovative CTE MP 32.19

The Swedish Steel Prize, the SSAB international prize focused on engineering in the steel industry, for 20 years he has been attentive to reward excellences and innovations.

Voted as a finalist (with other 3) last March, on May 24th during the ceremony in Stockholm, CTE conquered the second place at the prize with its truck-mounted platform CTE MP 32.19.

There were as finalists also the Australian company Trufal Global with a flexible grain auger wagon; the Finnish Jak Metalli Oy with an innovative lightweight cutter head for vegetation; and the Italian Mantella Srl, winner of the price, with a next generation trailer.
The winner of the 2018 Swedish Steel Prize will receive a cash prize of SEK 100,000 (Euro 9.700) to be donated to the winner’s charity of choice – a memorable gesture of goodwill.

FOCUS ON PRODUCT: The innovative truck-mounted platform CTE MP 32.19 is mounted on 7,5 ton truck, it reaches 32 m of working height, 19 m of outreach, 300 kg of basket capacity. Its main feature is the boom configuration, both telescopic and articulated, that allows excellent overcome and flexibility to work as pure telescopic. It is equipped with the innovative S3 Smart Stability System, the geometrical machine performance limitation system that adapts in real time to the conditions of use, load and geometry, independently allowing maximum performance for each position of the boom.

The judges, when appointed CTE as finalist, said: “CTE Spa, Italy, has developed a small truck-mounted sky-lift of extraordinary versatility, height and reach. The compact boom system has a unique, elevated slewing mechanism that provides the added capability of maneuvering around corners, giving access to confined spaces where traditional solutions fail. A carefully considered design as well as the optimization of all boom cross sections and use of high-strength steel made this possible”.

Roberto Fenner, CTE Operation Manager, declared after the nomination: “CTE has always invested heavily in quality and reliability of its products based on new technical and constructive solutions. In recent years, all manufacturers have increasingly approached the technological limits of aerial working platforms. Nevertheless, thanks to the new high performance materials that allowed new design and production process technologies, CTE has succeeded in designing state-of-the-art machines such as the new CTE MP 32.19. This model, in addition to the innovative content it is equipped with, can also be fitted on vehicles that do not have excessive tonnage, while maintaining the characteristics of compactness and versatility that are unique to the sector. It therefore represents a synthesis of how CTE stands on the market and how the desire to innovate and team spirit at all levels can bring results at the highest levels of technology”.

More information about the Swedish Steel Prize: https://www.steelprize.com/
More information about CTE MP 32.19: https://www.ctelift.com/en/products/mp-32-19/