CTE ZED 20.4: the new generation of articulated truck-mounted platforms

Continuous innovation and research on available materials and technology are the basis of the development of the new CTE ZED 20.4

The most requested height working range from hirer, and not only, is the one of 20 meters, as it merges compactness and versatility, allowing to carry out a number of different works at height.
It is on this working height that CTE has always focused its research and development, since it first introduced the design of articulated booms on truck-mounted platforms.
Today, after having made it as its symbol since 1996 and after some redesigns, CTE introduces the new ZED 20.4, which is the result of design optimization and material investigation.

Through the revision of the superstructure that has undergone relevant changes on the turret, on the beams and on the junction, the pantograph results to be lighter and, most important, more firm and stronger. These changes also made possible to simplify the assembly phase of the already mentioned elements.
The new structures is made of the reliable Strenx SSAB steel and it has been thought in order to guarantee the maximum performances and stability at height.
These results have been reached, not only through an innovative design and the use of high resistance steel, but also thanks to a meticulous activity of structural and stress tests, so as to verify the reliability of this new model. These activities demonstrate that CTE always puts effort into the development of new versatile aerial platforms but above all, into safe aerial platforms!
Thanks to the implemented test area, the superstructure has undergone a continuous workflow of nearly 200k cycles, equal to 20 years of work, showing not to fear the stress.

The new superstructure of the CTE ZED 20.4 is available with the HN stabiliser configuration, that is the narrow stabilization: H means indeed “H stabilization”, N means “narrow” and it will be mounted on Isuzu M21 Ground and on Iveco Daily.


► CTE ZED 20.4 HN on Isuzu reaches 20 m of working height, 8,2 m of outreach and 200 kg of load capacity (*it is possible to reach 280 kg of load capacity with the addition of the load cell as an accessory). The platform has double pantograph and a telescopic boom with single extension. The turret rotation is ± 310°, the basket one is ± 65° (with the possibility of 90°+90°). Controls are proportional and electrohydraulic both from basket and from ground. The H stabilization, in shape, with hydraulic outriggers with ground pressure sensors.