CTE new products introduction at Bauma 2022

A great international showcase ideal for the launch of safe and sustainable products


The most important international event in the construction industry this year has opened its doors: CTE SpA is participating in this great event, Bauma 2022 – outdoor area FS 1103/10 in an exhibition space of 300 square meters.

This year, more than ever, companies have to overcome challenges such as digitization, safer and more sustainable construction sites, and thus keep up with the changes in the world of technology and environment.


For several years, CTE SpA has invested its forces in the technological field, with the implementation of S3 EVO in the range of its truck-mounted and tracked aerial platforms: the smart and safe management system of CTE aerial platforms, awarded at the IAPA 2022 with the Innovative Technological Prize, which allows end users to have a work experience in complete safety with maximum performance and easy, direct and optimized vehicle control for fleet managers.


As announced on March, for CTE SpA acting in an ethical and responsible way, aware that our activities and choices are reflected in the environment, the people and the society in which we operate, is an essential mission.

Starting with this awareness, in the development and supply of its products and services, for several years CTE has been committed to making its contribution to the protection of the environment and responding to the contingent needs of the market for aerial platforms capable of carrying out urban maintenance activities with reduced emissions of harmful gases and noise pollution.

A vision that is strengthened with the creation of a special project by the company called GREEN INNOVATION which include all corporate activities related to the area of sustainability.



The attention to green themes will be strong and immediately recognizable, with a “green” corner dedicated to new models with low environmental impact and energy efficiency features.

In particular, Bauma 2022 will be the right place to unveil to the market, as international première, the first truck-mounted platform full-electric with 20 m of working height mounted on 3.5 tons. A large investment by CTE SpA as a leader in the lifting market to make completely electric vehicles that respect the environment, to work in historic centers, green areas, sustainable construction sites, even at night thanks to the complete silence of the vehicles and of the platform.



CTE MP 20 Ev has been designed to ensure access and use on construction sites and areas with limited gas and noise emissions, offering maximum working and safety performances.

It reaches 20 m of working height, 13 m of outreach and 250 kg of capacity.

With double arm configuration, 1 of which is telescopic + jib, totally designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy with CTE and SSAB Technology.

Ground console with wireless remote and integrated display for wires free operations, basket console with the same Look-n-Feel of the ground console, integrated display, for easy learning and familiarization for the operator. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art control system CTE S3 EVO, the smart and safe management system of CTE aerial platforms, awarded at the IAPA 2022 with the Technological Innovation award, which allows end users a work experience in complete safety with maximum performance, and for fleet managers, easy, direct and optimized vehicle control. The vehicle’s range is up 70 km (WLTP) and 25 work cycles (sample usage data; transfer performance and work cycles vary depending on the mode of use). The power supply system offers the advantage of being able to work entirely on battery or in ‘plugged-in’ mode connected to the mains with the supplied charging device (220V / 380V).



  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy with ecarry – Green -G Technology
  • Premium Components, reliable and easy to source for replacement, with FULL LED Technology
  • 35 KWh Webasto battery, Li-ion NMC, R100 certified
  • Range up to 100 Km (WLTP)*
  • Portable charging cable up to 7.5 KW with multiplug adapter, to recharge and work in any condition and industrial plug availability, 220/380V
  • Comfortable and ergonomic cab, with 380 mm ground clearance, for easy access
  • Panoramic wind shield and rear-view mirrors
  • Ergonomic and efficiently designed cab
  • 5 KW Electric Power Take Off, coupled to a 380V motor and a Smart inverter, for an efficient management of the working cycle of the MEWP



Not only truck-mounted platforms, also the spiderlift TRACCESS range turns green. As world première, at Bauma CTE has unveiled the new CTE TRACCESS 160 E, the full-electric version of the CTE TRACCESS 160. The distinctive feature of this model is the 48V / 9.5 kWh lithium battery for reach the charge capacity necessary to meet the needs of a working day, with the 48V / 50 Hz battery charger that allows fast recharging.

To complete the configuration and make it an extraordinary equipment for its category are the completely electronic system with double CAN BUS line, the radio controls with graphic display that acts as a control station on the ground and in the basket, and the « rise & drive » function. This function of the jib allows translation with the jib raised to increase the angle of attack and thus access construction sites with difficult access while maintaining its stability.

As for the CTE TRACCESS 160, some automatic functions, generally available on top of the range models, are available as standard on this model: automatic stabilization, open jib while transition, self-centering and Home Function.  Moreover, also basket levelling, ramps, proportional maneuvers, double travel speed, lowering and widening of the tracks.

The main technical features: 16m of working height, 7,9 m of outreach and 250 kg of capacity in the whole working area. In summary, CTE TRACCESS 160 E is the self-propelled tracked platform completely ecological and with zero emissions, ideal for applications in closed environments or where the use of internal combustion engines is not allowed.




Another novelty is the presence of a new model of truck-mounted platform set up on 3.5 tons characterized by a particular configuration of the articulated boom that allows maximum performance to be achieved by exploiting the entire work area, ideal for the hirers sector.

CTE ZETA 22, this is the name of the new model, the progenitor of a new range of articulated truck-mounted platforms, which takes up the name of the successful Z model of the 90s but which projects CTE towards the future.

CTE ZETA 22 therefore represents for CTE the relaunch of the double pantograph to achieve maximum performance ensuring maximum safety for the operator.

The configuration of the arm is with articulation and double extension: with this geometry it is possible to exploit the entire work area and thus obtain maximum height and outreach performance.

The main technical features are: 22 m of working height, 10.5 m of outreach and 250 kg of capacity.

The total clearance platform, without any bulk underneath, makes this model the ideal machine for all maintenance activities, especially in the green area, reducing the risk of getting entangled or damage due to accidental impacts.

CTE ZETA 22 is also equipped with the S3 EVO system as a platform management system, through which the operator can control the performance of the platform in real time for greater efficiency, height stability and reliability.

Thanks to this technology, the platform can be connected to the cloud and thanks to CTE Connect it will be possible to have an optimized fleet management, remote monitoring, settings and assistance interventions.

Stabilizers have a fixed narrow jacking configuration to enhance the compactness of the model even during the work phase and allow access and stabilization in confined spaces.

The automatic stabilization functions and the Home function are also available for CTE ZETA 22 for automatic closing in complete safety.

On request, a wired radio control is available, with a 7 m cable that replicates the commands of the stations on the ground and in the nacelle. The length of the cable is such to allow the operator on the ground a complete visibility of the entire work area.

The unit exhibited at Bauma is mounted on Iveco truck, but in the future it will also be available on Isuzu.

CTE ZETA 22 promises to be the ideal solution for hirers, thanks to its compactness and working height that are well suited to different types of application.



To complete the review of the products on display, CTE TRACCESS 270, the top model of the range of CTE tracked aerial platforms.

It was born as an evolution of the already known and trusted TRACCESS 230 but with the addition of numerous innovations, the main being the presence of S3 EVO, the most advanced technology for real-time management system of the performance of aerial platforms. Thanks to it, it is possible to place each individual outrigger in a different position. Once the outriggers have been positioned, we proceed with the automatic stabilization of the platform.

It reaches 27 m of working height, 14 m of outreach and 250 kg of capacity.

An extraordinary feature of TRACCESS 270 is the presence of 3 different power sources  in the same machine: diesel, battery pack AGM Deep Cycle which provides energy for about an hour of work and powers a 48 V AC engine, and when the batteries are running low, it is possible to connect the platform to the electricity grid, thanks to the 220V or 110V multi-voltage socket for worldwide use. A totally hybrid solution to operate indoors or outdoors.

TRACCESS 270 it really is a very powerful platform, with fast and fluid movements. Perfect for tree care, for cleaning facades and buildings and for all applications where access is needed on rough terrain.



For CTE SpA what will come will be a very different edition of Bauma from the previous ones, with special attention and sensitivity to essential issues such as those of safety at work and respect for the environment that surrounds us, thinking that the world we are living today is a world on loan, to be given back in the best way to the generations that will succeed us.


We’ll wait for you in the outdoor area FS 1103/10!