CTE and Sequani reach quota 5000

Even if in CTE we often speak about heights, we are now not speaking about meters of altitude but about quantities. And as you know when we speak about figures, the numbers are very important. In April 2011, in fact, in Sequani, the manufactory of Rivoli Veronese (Verona – Italy), will be delivered the five thousand unit with CTE brand.

Sequani belongs to CTE Group since 1997 and manufactures the well-known truck-mounted ZED platforms and the tracked spiders TRACCESS. The production with factory number 5000 will be a ZED 20 CH, articulated truck-mounted platform with Z arm and H stabilization.

Looking back in the time and going back over the history of CTE, it was in 1993 when the company introduced on the market the first aerial truck-mounted platform with a “Z” articulated and telescopic arm called “Z 16D”, predecessor of the successful model Z 20 introduced in 1996. The Z 20 has established an important innovation on the truck-mounted License B platforms and has been the first of the various Z models of CTE, and copied by all the greatest manufacturers of aerial truck-mounted platforms.

From 2009 the Z range has changed its name in ZED and actually we have 15 models that reach various heights from 14 to 32 meters.

The TRACCESS range, always manufactured in Rivoli Veronese by Seq               uani, has 5 models of “spider” tracked platforms that reach working heights till 23 meters. The last recent models are the TRACCESS 230 and TRACCESS 170 E, this last one is an ecological model, electrical with lithium batteries able to guarantee about 5 hours of autonomous work hour.