CTE at Apex 2011 – Maastricht

At the next Apex Exhibition, CTE will exhibit an interesting range of models: from the IAPA-award winning B-LIFT 20.13 Multipurpose to the patented H-frame stabilizer version of the very popular ZED 20 CH. And more.

Apex will be for CTE the most important foreign exhibition of the year 2011. After some exhibitions in Italy (Samoter, Gis), and some other shows abroad through CTE dealers (Istanbul, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona), Maastricht will be the stage where CTE will show the latest and most interesting products and will be another occasion to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CTE. Started-up in 1981, CTE has demonstrated to be always at the forefront in the aerial platform industry and has focused year after year to expand its market share all around the world. Maastricht, in the heart of Europe, will be a perfect place to show the latest CTE products and CTE’s evergreen spirit of innovation.

THE 1530 AND 2420 STANDS

CTE will be both in the indoor and outdoor area: in the indoor Exhibition Hall on stand 1530, CTE will put on display the award-winning truck-mounted platform B-Lift 20.13 Multipurpose and the track mounted Traccess 230. CTE will share the 1530 stand with Genex, the fibreglass scaffolding. In the outdoor P7 area stand 2420, CTE will display the telescopic aerial platforms B-lift 230 PRO and B-Lift 510 HR, plus the articulated aerial platform Zed 20 CH with the new patented H-frame jacks.
A CTE dealers of the region will also take part at the exhibition: Testcentrum De Lille (stand 2020 and 3600), from Belgium. Testcentrum will put on display another CTE B-Lift 20.13 Multipurpose and some CTE Pratika material removal lifts.

B-Lift 20.13 MULTIPURPOSE: recently awarded the IAPA AWARD 2011 as best “Product of the Year – Vehicle/Trailer Mounted”, B-Lift 20.13 Multipurpose is manufactured in the CTE factory in Bertinoro near Forlì and catches everybody’s attention thanks to its innovative features which add a lof of versatility. B-LIFT 20.13 MP’s most remarkable feature is the patented slewing mechanism, which is mounted on top of the lower telescopic boom, an absolutely innovative design which the international market had never seen before. It’s neither a “telescopic” nor an “articulated” platform, but simply a “MULTIPURPOSE” unit offering a working height of 20 m with good up-and over reach and with variable jacking, but also offering the possibility to work as a pure telescopic up to 13 m, and completely without jacks up to 11m. It operates in all boom positions with zero tail-swing, but causes no obstruction over the working side, either, allowing to get closer to buildings or obstacles and therefore offering more reach than conventional articulated units. Outriggers can be controlled from the basket, in a semi- or fully automatic, selflevelling mode. Controls are proportional and simultaneous, and the ground control station features a display for machine fault diagnosis. Thanks to its remarkable design, B-Lift 20.13 Multipurpose is very successful in the very competitive Italian, but also in the German and French markets. B-Lift 20.13 Multipurpose is well appreciated by people working on installation, maintenance and monitoring of equipment, or on roofs and balconies of buildings (civil, commercial and industrial). Applications which require a quick and frequent deployment will find the telescopic, variable jacking or no-jacking operation quite practical.

ZED 20 CH: still the best seller of CTE’s Sequani factory, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the 5.000th unit produced was precisely this model. The articulated truck-mounted platform with Z boom and H stabilization has attracted a lot of customers in the demanding German market as well as in the competitive Italian. It is the latest development within the ZED family – CTE’s brand indentifying units with articulated arm with Z configuration – and features, as an absolute innovation, a vertical stabilization linked with connecting rods to the horizontal beam extension. The system enables the motion of the beam and of the stabilizer in only one movement, with a single cylinder. This design is a CTE patent, and has already been tested on the ZED 26 JH. It allows to stabilize the machine near a footpath without outriggers skidding. ZED 20 CH is ideal to operate in narrow places and allows to adjust to obstacles (i.e. sidewalks) during the stabilization up to 220 mm in height, 83% more than A+A version (120mm).

TRACCESS 170E: new to the CTE TRACCESS line-up is a Lithium battery powered TRACCESS 170E. This facility now allows for a 17m tracked product, ideal for internal use due to the low ground pressure, to be used where fumes and noise are prohibited. The TRACCESS 170E incorporates the same working profile of the standard 170, but does it quietly, cleanly and fume free. With 4 – 5 hours continuous working, this makes it a true production battery powered machine.
TRACCESS 230: it is currently the highest CTE tracked access platform , with a working height of 23 m and 12 m outreach. It’s very small dimensions ( 1,99 height and 5,28 m length, and most importantly just 80 cm width when in narrow track position) and quickly removable basket allow the TRACCESS 230 to get inside places which other 23 m tracked aerial platforms cannot access. Full radio remote controls are standard on the TRACCESS 230, as well as automatic levelling and four different outrigger footprints and operating modes, plus a 90° + 90° cage rotation.
The CTE TRACCESS range offers the most versatile boom configuration in its class with non-continuous rotation up to 640o for easy access to the working area. Sigma boom, telescopic extension and fly boom combine to offer a class-leading operating performance which enables to work on vertical planes wit ha single control. The ingeniously designed demountable basket, allows the units to fold down to a compact and class-leading closed dimension. This ensures that it can be manoeuvred through extremely narrow gates and doorways, around tight corners and carried on conventional plant trailers or inside light commercial vehicles.

B-LIFT 510 HR: thanks to its stateliness but at the same time minimal design, this machine is the CTE flag for the C-driving license segment. B-Lift 510 HR reaches a 51 m working height on a 26 tons 3 axles vehicle. HR stands for Hi Range, an important engineering project launched some years ago by CTE to compete on the Northern European, and American, fire fighting and industrial market. One of the benefits of B-Lift 510 HR is the possibility to include in the standard configuration the working area adjustment linked to the outrigger deployment position with an outreach of over 34 m and a max basket loading capacity of 450 kilos. A remarkable performance for a compact vehicle at around 10 meters length.