A Zed 26 J reaches Latvia

Pro Lift, a CTE partner in Riga – Latvia, delivered a Zed 26 J the articulated platform at a former municipal company with important residential maintenance tasks

CTE SpA, through its dealer Pro Lift in Riga (Latvia), has delivered to the company DDzKSU an articulated truck-mounted platform ZED 26 J that will be used to comply with an important task of maintenance in the residential area of Riga. Specifically, the company IS DDzKSU, founded in 2004 by the municipal reorganization of Daugavpils and the public housing utility company, is now in charge of the maintenance of 920 residential spaces well distributed over an area of about 1,500,000 square meters.

The aerial platform articulated 26 ZED J, especially prepared for the customer on Iveco 75E14, reaches a working height of 26 meters and a capacity of 230 kg at peak performance.
The pipes inside the arm, the compact size and the absence of stabilizing elements under the basket make this platform an ideal way to work in complete safety by optimizing the working areas.