STRANGE AND INTERESTING APPLICATION – Working in extreme conditions: rough terrain

During an inspection to the electrical network in Cambara do Sul in Brazil conducted by the company Eletrosul (a subsidiary of Eletrobras) , a special maintenance work was carried by using a CTE B-Lift 201 Easy in a countryside area characterized by a dirt track.

Before starting the work, Eletrosul had to make a choice: lower the wires to the ground to perform maintenance, thus creating a potentially hazardous situation or use an aerial platform. The second option turned out to be perfect: B-Lift 201 was used initially to identify the damage to be repaired, and then the machine was utilized during the maintenance phase with extreme versatility, in spite of the uncompromising terrain.
The work proved to be very complex as it required very delicate operations to be conducted on the power line while simultaneously manoeuvring the transport vehicle over a rough terrain and in an environment characterized by temperatures typical of tropical Brazil.

Using the CTE B-Lift 201 proved to be the right choice as Eletrosul could conduct the maintenance work in a safe conditions, optimising time and resources.

PRODUCT FOCUS: The B- Lift 201 Easy reaches 20 m working height and 10 m radius with a load of 250 kg. The range of Easy telescopic platforms are available from 14 to 20m working height and are designed primarily for emerging and non-European markets. This range combines technology and typically European design features, such as reliability, ease-of-use for inexperienced operators and elevated adaptability.