Genex scaffolds for armed forces

The Italian armed forces have, like all others in the world, various aircraft used for a variety of tasks from patrol to the rescue S.A.R. in the civil and also in the military scope in combat missions.

For many years, Genex supplies the Civil and Military Department with equipments for various and multiple needs related to working at heights, starting from the smallest NH500 helicopter to get to the larger HH-3F Sea King and CH47 used in domestic and foreign markets.

Versatility, modularity, ease of use, light weight, structural strength are Genex factors and features not findable in classic metal structures, and are also economic because of their adaptability to different uses of a varied type of aircraft.

Genex mobile scaffolds can be compared to the LEGO brand, as the brick becomes upright, cross, platform, toe, stabilizer and parapet. In fact, operators use, disassemble and reassemble components according to their needs.

Need, intuition and creativity find the ideal space in areas where usually live the discipline: the combination of these factors is a stimulus for Genex to support and find new solutions for its customers.

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