PEOPLE ON THE MARKET – Interview with Nacelle 44, French hirer

1. How did your company start? Our father, Jean-Pierre Augris, is the foundator of Nacelle 44. He was technical manager for Manitou from 1971 to 1988 and then, thank to his experience, he created a company of engineering and hydraulic maintenance. In 1988, with Barbara (his daughter), he created Nacelle 44. Together we grew up the company, and in 2005 the other daughter Laura joined the company. Today we have a fleet composed by 150 machines, of which 80% aerial platforms. We have also industrial and telescopic elevators, bungalows and containers. We have a wide range of platforms, so we are known for high, track mounted, self-propelled and vertical platforms.

2. Are you a rental company or do you have more services? Hire is our first business, but we offer a wide and appreciated global service. We usually go to the customers site for an inspection and then we suggest the correct machines and equipments.We offer hourly or annual rent, with or without operator, and we sell new and second hand machines. Thanks to our specialized team, we ensure aftersale services, repair and reconditioning for all kind of platform. We also guarantee controls esablished by law and organize training courses.

3. What is your main market? We usually work with construction companies, municipalities and industries. Our headquarters are in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire and we cover all the France, but also international zones for second-hand machines. 

4. Recently, you bought 2 CTE spiderlifts Traccess (model 135 and 230) and 3 CTE ZED truck-mounted platforms (models 17, 19, 20). Why? We choose CTE products ’cause they are present on French market since many years and they are well known for their reliability, tecnichal performance and managed by a helpful sales department. This is what we need: a reliability partner, ready to meet our needs.

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