Improvement on ZED 20.2 HV: even more versatile!

CTE has realized an interesting improvement on its more important truck-mounted platform, increasing the working area of max capacity and max outreach with narrow stabilisation

Do you remember ZED 20.2 HV and its more important feature? When it has been showed to the market for the firs time, its keyword was “versatile”. Well, now we should increase the value of the word “versatile” to correctly describe its working envelope because now it is better.
CTE R&D Dept has revisited the ZED 20.2 HV working area in the narrow jacking configuration (without horizontal emission of the stabilisers, in a minimum footprint on the roadway <2,1 m) extending the maximum capacity of 300 kg and the maximum outreach also in the rear portion of the platform, with a radius ranging from 40° to the left and 40° to the right. The machine actually is able to work with full extension of the arm and with 300 kg capacity in a limited arc while being completely in shape. For the remaining area (280°), always with narrow stabilisation, the capacity reaches 120 kg with 5,5 m of outreach.

In the standard configuration with extended stabilisers, capacity and outreach are always at the maximum value, respectively 300 kg and 9,2 m. In the configuration with stabilisers extended only on one side (right or left), the working area allows maximum capacity and outreach only on one portion (40°+160°) that is mainly on the stabilisation side, and on the other (160°) allows reduced capacity and outreach, respectively 120 kg and 5,5m.
The improvement has been realised to match the customer needs seeking for easiness in use and great performances even in awkward working positions.

Zed 20.2 HV means 20mt of working height, and .2 is for the evolution of the new octagonal design of the boom made with a new material, Docol 1200 M high strenght steel, to obtain a favorable relationship between performance and weight. This change was made both for telescopic boom and pantograph and has allowed to obtain a larger cross-section and further stiffness in the arm, without exceeding the permissible total weight. In fact, with an assembly of 3.5 ton vehicle CTE was able to obtain a working outreach of 9.2 m and especially with a loading capacity of 300 kg in the basket (without optional load cell but with moment limitation device) throughout workspace, which allows to use the machine with a great scope (2 operators and work material). This system allows the operator to stabilise with a single command in small spaces and then to have more advantages compared to other machines with single stabilisation. Specifically, the narrow stabilisation offers the possibility to work in restricted spaces such as for activities to be carried out on roads (public lighting) or in outdoor pruning. With stabilisation reduced to the right or left, the platform allow to operate in the center of the road, or at public areas or condominium and in congested spaces. ZED 20.2 HV can work in shape with 300 kg of loading cell and with 360° of rotation (with limitated working area connected to the effective loading capacity, thanks to the limiting moment device. This allows to have a performance with maximum outreach of 9,2 m also with narrow stabilisation, with limitated loading capacity).

Presenting a product with these characteristics, CTE will confirm itself as an industry always attentive to customer needs and improving the work at height safely, assuming an increasing role as a reliable partner for the category of hirer and for all those who work at height.