A front-row seat to attend a rescue with a B-Fire aerial platform

CTE has realized a new video about B-Fire, rescue and firefighting platforms

The adrenaline rises in performing rescue operations, especially at height and with exceptional emergency vehicles, such as aerial platforms.
CTE, manufacturer of a wide range of rescue and firefighting aerial platforms, has realized a video with a new concept: “A rescue day” is its title, and will introduce you in a real rescue operation with a B-Fire 550 platform, that reaches 55 m of working height, 23 m of outreach and 450 kg of capacity.

See the video at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr8CyQimbvI

This video was realized thanks to the precious support of the Italian Fire Fighters Department of Rovereto (TN) that have lent their expertise to carry out the rescue activities in video shooting. CTE takes this opportunity to thank all the fire brigade around the world that every day save lives.

B-Fire range consists of 7 models of rescue and firefighting platforms (B-Fire with working height from 22 to 62 m) and 6 models of water towers (B-Fire Tower).

More information about B-Fire: http://www.firefightingplatforms.com/