In this issue we’ve interviewed our Danish branch CTE Danmark A/S. Founded in June 2014, our subsidiary will give us the opportunity to have a glance on the Danish and Scandinavian market.

1. What is your main activity and when did you start?
We deal truck-mounted B-Lift and Zed brands and spider-lift Traccess brand in the Danish market. We started last June, 2014.

2. How did your company evolved in these last years?
We are in a start-up phase, very dynamic, but at the beginning.

3. Where do you work?
We are based in Naestved, but our market covers Denmark and Scandinavian region.

4. What is your policy regarding your competitors? Do you present to the market an image of company that understands the nature of the competition and that is proactive?
In general we prefer to focus on the CTE product’s own strengths. Our philosophy is to attract the customers interest in this way rather than by talking down our competitors. We believe that we have a good product, and this is the belief we are trying to pass on to our potential customers.

5. How has the market evolved recently?
In the Danish market of course the financial crisis in the last 4-5 years has reduced the customers willingness to invest in new products for their fleet. But we are definitely starting to see an improvement now, and we expect a growing sales in the market in the coming years.

6. How is the assistance service provided for your customers?
We have made agreements with external service partners, with which we have a close collaboration to ensure that the help is always near at hand for all CTE customers all over Denmark.

7. How big is your fleet? What type of machine do you own?
We own 5 units in stock to show and demonstrate for our potential customers. We have 2 TRACCESS 170, a ZED21JH, a ZED26JH and a B-Lift 230 PRO HE+HE. With these machines we cover all the CTE range, from articulated to telescopic truck-mounted platforms and track-mounted platforms.

8. What is your “recipe for success” – what values are important in your daily work?
We listen carefully to our customers needs and focus on delivering the right machine to cover their specific needs. Customer satisfaction is crucial to us! We would rather sell a smaller machine to a customer if that is what covers his needs and makes him happy, than trying to persuade him to buy a larger and more expensive machine just to make a higher profit right now. The key to future success is delivering the right products to the customers, so that they also in the future are going to buy their machines from us. It is all about building trustful and long lasting relationships.

9. What characteristics make CTE platforms winners? What do your customers want?
That the products delivers some of the best working diagrammes in the business. Especially the new ZED21.2JH with its impressive 280 kg’s in the basket in the full range and easy access in the basket, combined with the fast operating and very stable H-stabilization system, is very popular at our customers. The entire product range is very easy to setup-up and use, and this is crucial for the rental companies, because their end-customers demands products that are easy and fast to use.